April 1936

Tram Hold-Up

NethergateThe Ninewells to High Street tramway service was held up for 25 minutes at a busy period. At nine o'clock a motor freighter, belonging to the cleansing department and driven by William Kidd broke down on the tram lines opposite Pennycook Lane, when city bound. The news was conveyed to a tramway inspector in the centre of the town by a driver retuning with an empty bus from Harris Academy, and a bus was at once put on the High Street to Maryfield route, while a tram bound for the depot was also commandeered for the same service. After 25 minutes the freighter was removed, and the tram service returned to normal.

Easter Novelties

An Easter time treat for the little ones! The holidays are much more fun when they have some of these woolly bunnies, fluffy-looking chicks and great big eggs to play with. We have everything the children want for a jolly Easter … A. Webster, 22 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee


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Wintry Spring Holiday

The weather was not at all kindly towards Dundee's spring holidaymakers. The cold, blustery wind, coupled with intermittent rain and hailstones, kept most folk at home.

Despite this, however, the city was well catered for, and the public took advantage of the attractions in the way of sport, cinema &c.

Cinemas derived great good from the "chilly wind". Long queues were seen at practically every picture-house in the afternoon as well as at night.

There were no outstanding early morning rushes at the railway stations, and here again it was the weather that had dealt the holiday-makers a scurvy trick.

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen were visited by over 4000 Dundonians. Perth attracted 1500 and Arbroath 800.

Dundee Violinist to Broadcast

Miss Dorothy Roy is a Dundee girl whose prowess with the violin is now receiving wide recognition, and this evening she will broadcast, with others, in a relayed programme from the Caird Hall.

A pupil of Miss Bessie Spence, she studied also at the Scottish National Academy of Music in Glasgow, and in 1930 she had a summer course under the direction of the late Professor Sevcik, Czechoslovakia.

At Scottish musical festival she has attained numerous successes. At Glasgow in 1932 she won the Marchmont Challenge Trophy for ensemble playing, as well as the senior open class.

Catherine Lawson, contralto, another local girl and James Hinchliffe, at the organ, also take part in this broadcast.

Crimean Relics for Museum

An interesting link with the Crimean War is provided by certain gifts, the acceptance of which for the Central Museum was reported to Dundee Public Libraries Committee.

These were a Crimea medal with four bars, a Turkish Crimea medal and a sergeant-major's dress-coat. The donor is Mrs J. Scott, 78, Clepington Road, Dundee. The Crimea medal with four bars bearing Sebastopol, Inkerman, Alma and Balaclava is the only one with four bars in the possession of the museum.

These relics of the Crimean War belonged to Mrs Scott's grandfather, Mr William Dickie, a native of Paisley, who was a regular soldier in the Royal Garrison Artillery. He served right through the Crimean War.

The military instinct was handed down to his son, Mrs Scott's father, who was also a regular soldier in the Royal Garrison Artillery and fought throughout the Great War.

Mrs Scott's son, Mr Peter M. Scott, B.Sc., a distinguished student of St. Andrews University, who is at present undergoing practical training in Lord Weir's works at Cathcart, is also the donor of army relics accepted by Dundee Museum. These were a dress helmet, a copper bugle and a long-service medal. They were bequeathed to him by his father, the late Mr J. Scott, and had belonged to his paternal Grandfather, a member of the 1st Forfar Volunteers. The bugle was presented to the 1st Volunteers by Lady Scott of Balgay.

Potato and Tomato Pie

"As my children are fond of both tomato and potato I think the vote this as their favourite dish" writes Mrs A. Stewart, Meigle, Perthshire.

Take 6 or 8 cooked potatoes, 3 tomatoes (or a small tin of tomatoes), pepper and salt, ½ pint white sauce, 2 tablespoons browned breadcrumbs and ½ oz margarine.

Scald the tomatoes in boiling water. Skin and cut into slices. Cut the potatoes in slices and arrange in a greased pie dish with the tomatoes on the top. Pour over the white sauce and sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top and add a few pats of margarine. Bake for 40 minutes.

Two More Orders for Caledon

Vessel of 500 tonnes
The Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Dundee have received an order from the Adelaide S.S. Co., Ltd., Adelaide, Australia, for two high-class cargo vessels each of 5000 tonnes deadweight. Both vessels will be 350 feet in length and will be propelled by machinery of a modern and economic type supplied by John G. Kinaid & Co., Ltd., Greenock.

There are now 12 vessels under construction at Stannergate - the largest number for many years.

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