Violet Was Born in Dundee

I was born in 1932 in Dundee Royal Infirmary. My first school was Ancrum Road School but I cannot remember much about it. As my parents were both English we had to live in lodgings until the start of the Second World War. We eventually got an upstairs three roomed house at Pitkerro Drive. There were four houses in the block. I learned to cycle through the leggy as we called [it] on my father's bike.

I left school when I was 14 and with my earnings I started as a trippy learning to become a waitress. Then I bought my own bike. In those days if you had a bike we cycled together. We went up to Tealing. It was all down the brae to Kirkton - fantastic.

I also went to Ann Street School but when we moved to Linlathen most of the children, even from Mid-Cragie had to walk four times a day as that was the only school at that time (Catholic and Protestant). I was in the choir.

I think I was 16 when I joined the Royal Observer Corps. I had a battledress uniform and the first time I went up in a plane was from Leuchars, in a Vicars Valetta, to the Isle of Wight - and back of course.

I got married in 1956 and we were very lucky to get a house in Paton's Lane. We moved to Fintry in 1960. Then I joined the committee then later as a youth leader then chairperson and enjoyed it very much.

My best hobby was always the Scottish Country Dancing which we got at school. I am still dancing. I devised a dance for my gold certificate subject for the over 50s Discovery Award.

Submitted by Violet