Rockwell and Write

School teachers – Rockwell
Pupils – Assembly bell
Line-up in school’s playground
March to class for register round

Slateboards – blackboards – exercise jotter
(Teacher’s pet was a little rotter)
Parrot-fashioning times tables
Discovering Alice and Aesop’s Fables

Catch-as-catch-can (playtime games)
Film starts’ initials – guess their names
Skipping ropes – relay races
P.T. – thro’ the paces

Sirens screaming out alarm
Air raids – sheltering from harm
School doctor’s medical – headlice – scabies
Innocence of storks and babies

Monday had its firm rule
Being kept at home from school
Younger sisters and younger brother
Monday was wash-day for my mother

School song ‘Rockwell and Right’
Sung at pitch with verve and might
School days gave me pleasure
And appreciation of rhyme and measure

Submitted by Anna MacDonald