Proud Dundonian

I went to the Blackie till 1966 and left to go to the Logie. I lived in Forest Park Road and used to go playing down Polepark, Mitchell Street and all over the Hawkhill. Moved to the Perth Road and used to play down the Magdalen Green. Great bunch of pals, Ally Millar, Ronnie Hoppel etc. All we seemed to do was play football and ice hockey, brilliant. We'd play in the Winter (football) down Seafield Road under the lamps, there was not the traffic then.

Left Logie and worked for a short time at D.C. Thomson, then joined the RAF Police. Saw the world and stuff. Now live in Worcs, visit Dundee two or three times a year. As they say, you can take the man / woman out of Dundee but, you can't take Dundee out of the man / woman! Great people, great start in life, tough times compared to now, thanks Dundee and proud to be a Dundonian. Come to think of it, over the years, I have been involved in one or two incidents sticking up for Dundee and its historic past.

Submitted by Alan (Micky) McDonald