My Younger Days

Born in 1939 I attended Mitchell Street and Logie Schools. During my younger days I lived in the tenement at the top of Smellies Lane and Lochee Road. The building stood on Lochee Road facing the Dudhope Park where I played footie day in and day out during our holidays from school. We called the area where we played Hampden. This was situated and is still there in front of the tennis and bowling courses.

I can remember going to the Dudhope Boxing Club who produced great champs - Dick McTaggart, Davie Scott, Frankie McQuillan, John Brady and many more. It was during my time at the club I had a drink from the Val Barker Trophy which had been won by Dick and held his gold medal which he had won in Melbourne games in 1956.

Dundee has now lost its old look what with the Overgate going to be replaced by shopping malls, there is no more see you at the Pallie or Kidds on Saturday or the walk up and doon the Overgate on Sunday night. All gone, never to return. Oh why can the Council not bring back the trams - they were great but noisy but what a way to travel.

Submitted by Andrew Woodcock