May 1945 Broughty Ferry

It was May 1945 and the war had ended. Great rejoicing in Broughty Ferry!

The neighbours decided to have a party, and it was decided to use one of Charlie Cadenhead's garages at 338 Queen Street. Of the 13 'lock-ups' behind his shop, the 'big garage' at the corner site was chosen.

All the young folk of Queen Street were detailed to make the concrete floor slippery for dancing, using ''Slipperene' powder. This was scattered on the floor and we 'skated' all over, with a bad effect on our shoes.

The adults had gathered enough food from their meagre 'rations' and at night the party and dance to celebrate the end of 6 years of misery took off.

That was an occasion that sticks in my mind. After all the blackout and rationing, we had a night of light-hearted enjoyment.


Submitted by Edna