Happy Days

I was born in DRI in 1950. We lived in Hunter Street till I was 7 then we moved to fintry we felt as if we had won the  pools, the house in Fingarth Street seemed like Buckingham Palace after the two rooms of Hunter Street. 

Baxter Park concerts, rolling our easter egg at Den of Mains playing in the fields which are now where Whitfield stands, playing outdoors from morning till night, then coming in for tea they are just some of the memories from my childhood which I remember fondly.  

The Underworld in Perth Road, the Deep Sea for fish and chips, The Greens coffee 
house.  The Top Ten Club at the Palais when Reg from the Troggs sang straight 
at me "Wild Thing" I thought they were wonderful. Sixth Year dances at the JM ballroom were fantastic.  The Beatles on the Caird Hall that was something else "the bits that I can remember between all the scrreaming"...Happy days.

Submitted by Lindylou