Hame An' Dry in Irvine

Auld clinker hull and mast
And sail-spar frae the past
Anchor near the beach
Yards awa' frae slipway reach.
Shreds o' shroud and strands o' net
Cling reverently yet
Tae fragments o' forestay at the bow.
Her workin' keel back-broken now.

Misty Isles on solid ground
Aince was afishin' bound
Thro' gale force winds and angry squall
When 'hands tae line' was the urgent call
Buffetin' high an' wide
On wild unbrid'lt tide
She list'd trho' lashin rain
Reef'd sail - sheets sair under strain

Superstitious sea folklore
Followed her frae the shore
Tae keep watch thro' the nicht
When seabirds wary o' their flicht
Top-rigged tae coorie doon
Frae rouch dark clouds swirlin' roun'
'Pray The Lord oor souls tae save
Frae deep trouchs an' crests o' wave!'

Noo that was in th' lang ago.
Nae mair tae sea she'll go,
Nae fathoms deep tae fear
She's hame and dry in eventide year
Rescued by Irvine's grace.
In state - in restoration place
In museum of the sea
Salvaged for posterity!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald