Dreaming Over Rainbows

Exquisite jewel displayed in antique fair
Opulently sparkling there
From jaded presentation case
Swathed in old Victorian lace

Oh! The drama you inspire
Pearls fluster as rubies desire
To tease transparent peridot
Clasping a lover’s knot

Were skies always sapphire blue
Did silver bells all ring true
Did emerald or turquoise sea
Bring a beloved back to thee

Were you the fairest ever seen
Did you grace a regal queen
Or perhaps a maiden fair
With shining crown of platinum hair

Or were you all alone – unwed
Reclining on moss-velvet bed
In chain of gold – bow of blue
Sentiment surrounding you

Pristine pendant – precious - rare
Tho’ your beauty’s beyond compare
I see deep diamonds on your brow
Dreaming over rainbows now

Submitted by Anna MacDonald