The Buster Stall

Saturday was buster day
Chums eagerly made their way round Boots' corner
Past Greenhills sarasparilla (Black Sass)
Mid Kirk Style outings for a lad and lass

Late 40s - early 50s the old Overgate
Was where they kept that special date
Sitting by the fire to eat
Tupp'ny busters - a weekend treat

Winter - summer - the stall was warm
Coke-fire sparks caused alarm
When chip-pans on top (remember)
Spat boiling fat to red-hot ember
Rocketing fire to boot-lace thongs
(Before retreival with heay tongs)

Crowds (crammed on rickety benches togeether)
Disregarded inclement weather
Reek from the constant fire
Nipped eyes as it soared higher
Searching for the open vent
Of the canvas roof of the makeshift tent

Queues formed at the open door
No entrepreneur could wish for more
Peas hamshank - boiled on brazier top
Till 4 pm then shut-the-shop
With cracked saucers - bent spoons - vinegar - salt
The flavour still could find no fault

Dishes steep'd in cauld water bath
Left a greasy aftermath
Wiped with coarse apron thick with fat
But busters were delicisou and that's that!!!
Aye! and didn'y my granny say tae me
Ye' maun eat a peck o' dirt afore ye dee!

* Sarsaparilla

Submitted by Anna MacDonald