Brilliant Dundee

My childhood in Dundee was brilliant, Mid-Craigie to me was the grandest place on earth, for me it was home and may I say in all the places I have been to since - nothing compares - that isn't sarcasm - it's heartfelt. The Swannies was my best place to be and Baxter Park in the summer was a joy. I remember skating on the ponds on a few or more cold cold winters, but you never felt it till you got home. Singing like a banshee in the park at the competitions and never winning apart from once. I am talking late 50s/early 60s when life was easier and safer.

The pea-pod lorries up and down the Kingsway, me and my pals hanging off the end of them grabbing the pea-pods. They were the only lorries - the berries and the tatties - Blairgowrie and Danny Sands' bus. The Road Bridge opening, and me and my pal walking across it to Fife, oh the changes. To me, still the best city on earth. I remember one occasion, Mum had bought me a little purse and put some pennies on it. Selfish me thought nothing of the purse when the money ran out. I threw it away - but I had put my name and address in it. A week or so later my purse was delivered to my door with a shilling in it. There was a note saying I hope this gets to the owner. There was no returning address so I could not say thank you or own up to my guilty secret. It taught me a lesson!


Submitted by Mollie