1950's Monday Washdays

I was born in Liverpool but was sent to live with my grandparents in Dundee (Gardner Street, opposite the allotments.) when I was 4 years old. I went to Ancrum Road School in 1950/1951, for about the next 5 years. Their ground floor flat had a huge bedroom at the front, and another smaller one. There was a press and a toilet off the hallway and then at the back, overlooking the 'greenie' was the living room/ dining room with their bed in a large recess! There was a coal fire with a large over mantle and a coal bunker in the window bay. Looking out of this window to the left was a row of terraced houses with a plettie running the length of them. They had enclosed staircases up to the pletties which probably housed toilets! Every Mondat my grandparents would have to go down to the cellars where the washhouse was and get the fire going under the copper boiler. Once this was ready my gran would load the washing into the boiling water and then agitate it with 'posser?' I think it's called. When it was ready she would transfer it to one of two sinks and rinse it through a small wringer several times and then through a huge mangle! Well it was to me as a small boy! Then they hung it out in the greenie, having roped up the poles. Took them hours! No-one would do that today! 

Submitted by Blues an