September 1954

He Burned his Boat for £100

Royal ArchThe life of H.M.S. Antagonistic, the motor torpedo boat, ended in a mighty bonfire on Riverside Drive. John McQueen, Dundee fruiterer and scrap merchant, was putting an end to the boat he has owned off and on for the last two years. She has lain in Dundee docks gathering dust and barnacles since he bought her for £210.Where her story started since the Admiralty bought her at the beginning of the war for £115,000 is a mystery. Mr McQueen found a Maltese shilling on board, and presumes she had done service in the Mediterranean. In her prime she had four Packard engines, four torpedo tubes, and could do the fantastic speed of 65 knots an hour.

He sold her to the Dundee Union of Boys' Clubs as a headquarters, but they couldn't berth the Antagonistic at the harbour. So John McQueen took her back. He stripped her fuel tanks, sold them, then towed her round to the dump at the end of Riverside Drive.

He stuffed her with tons of old tyres and jute waste and set her on fire. "She went up like a bomb," said Mr McQueen. In fact he had to tell people there was still unexploded dynamite inside to keep them back! The fire brigade stood by. And now little more than her skeleton remains. The prow is yet to burn, and Mr McQueen awaits an east wind to finish the job.

It was the only way of extracting the £100 or so worth of copper in the boat. And it was H.M.S. Antagonistic's final blaze of glory.

The Secret Behind a Perfect Ice-cream

Fresh milk for healthy bones
Dairy cream for extra richness
and last but not least
made daily to ensure perfect freshness
All present in an extra-creamy ice-cream
The Cafe Cleghorn ( A & A Soave), 49 Cleghorn Street, Dundee.

Can we Borrow a Piano?

Broughty Ferry Amateur Operatic Society are wondering if anyone can lend them a square victorian piano of the spinet type. It was the first thing new produced Howard M. Lockhart told them to get for their forth-coming production of "Lilac Times". Offers will be gladly looked into by the business manager Mr A.C. Ballantyne.

Dressmaking Made Easy

The Golden Rule - Method of Pattern-making
This method is so amazingly quick and simple that you learn at one demonstration to make beautifully fitting patterns for all types of garments and figures.
Come and see for yourself at Caird Hall, Dundee (upstairs room)
Tuesday 7th September also 8th, 9th and 10th at 2 pm, 3.30 pm, 6.30 pm each day
Admission 1/-
Cut this out and keep for reference.

Blood Donors are Urgently Needed in Dundee

This was the opening remark by Mr L.A. Darch, Chairman of the Dundee and District Blood Donors Association at their annual meeting in the sea cadets hall. He said there were 8890 blood donors in the city but the average weekly intake at the infirmary was only 120 approximately half the required number. He was glad to hear 16 new members had come forward.

Finest Boiled Ham

Reduced to 1/6 per quarter
finest boiled ham
Wm. Low & Co Ltd.
For groceries and provisions
Branches throughout Scotland.

To Preserve a Husband

Select with care; young and green varieties take longer to prepare, but often are excellent when done. Those too crusty take a long time to cook tender. One neither hard nor very soft gives best satisfaction.

Do not keep in a pickle nor in hot water; nor pick to test tenderness, as this leaves a mark. Even poor varieties may be made sweet and tender by this method.

Wrap in a mantle of charity and keep warm over a steady fire of loving domestic devotion. Garnish with patience, sweeten with smiles, flavour with kisses to taste.

Thus prepared, they will keep for years.

She Could Hardly Believe It

I used to work in a large government office. The manageress of the staff canteen was a very severe-looking woman - who wore a black dress, flat shoes and very thick stockings. She wore no make-up and her hair was perfectly straight. We girls nicknamed her "the dragon".

Recently I met her socially and found her full of fun, a charming sociable woman, a joy to know. From now on I'll believe the saying "don't judge a book by its cover".
Miss Catherine Allardyce, Constable Street, Dundee.

Short Leet for the Post of Manager

Dundee United directors will get down to the job next week of drawing up a short leet for the post of manager. There will be no lack of choice. Between 30 and 40 applications have been received. These have come from managers, ex-managers and players. Many are household names. One man played for Scotland and has successfully managed clubs in England.

What's On - Cinema

Greens Playhouse, Nethergate, Dundee
Monday 6th September - all week
David Niven, Yvonne De Carlo in "Happy Ever After" (U)
Showing at 12.45, 3.35, 6.25 and 9.20.