September 1934

Terrific Downpour in Dundee

DownfieldA terrific rainstorm descended on Dundee last night. Shortly after half-past five the sky became overcast and a fierce hailstorm began. The hail quickly followed by torrential rain, which filled the gutters and on the sloping streets ran down like rivers.

People leaving offices for home scampered for shelter. Others with trains to catch the drenching rather that lose the train. Trams and buses in the central streets sent up cascades as they sped through the storm.

The storm swept from west to east very rapidly, with the result that people bound west ran out of it, whereas eastward-bound folks got a double dose. Several loud peals of thunder were heard. The storm was at its worst in the east-end when the mills came out, but the girls took the drenching in good humour. The downpour did not last long enough to cause any serious flooding.

Dundee Navy Week in October

Four ships of the Home Fleet are to visit Dundee harbour in October. They are the cruiser Cairo and three destroyers of the 6th flotilla - Wolfhound, Vidette and Valentine. The vessels are expected to reach the harbour on October 11th, and to remain there until October 17.

As on previous visits, the Cairo will be under the command of Captain G.H.D'O. Lyon commodore of the Home fleet destroyer flotillas. His vessel, which has a tonnage of 4200, carries a crew of about 400.

Runaway Tyre

A bus tyre got "on the loose" in Morgan Street, Dundee on Wednesday night and ended its career by crashing into a plate glass window of a shop in Arbroath Road.

How the tyre started its career is a mystery, but it was first noticed rolling down the upper part on Morgan Street towards Park Avenue. A passer-by who saw the tyre attempted to stop it, but although he managed to divert its course slightly, the tyre bounced off the wall into the middle of the road and carried on. At the junction of Morgan Street and Arbroath Road it suddenly swerved to the right and smashed a plate glass window in the shop on Mr William Morrison, newsagent.

Noisy "Readers" - The Bellman's Budget Page

Can the authorities not do something to prevent the invasion of the central reading rooms by young children? The reading rooms at the present time are nearly always well filled, and their occupation by children does not help matters any. Frequently adults cannot get seats or a look at periodicals because both are monopolised by children. The apparently come from the Central Library with their books, but they do not sit and read them. They chatter and make a noise, much to the annoyance of the grown-ups. In rainy weather the reading rooms are turned into a sort of playground by the children.

Rather Early For Snow

Snow on the Law in August! Pedestrians in Strathmartine Road, near Fairmuir, rubbed their eyes when they saw this apparently extraordinary sight on Wednesday evening. A few moments' hard staring and a little reflection soon put their minds at rest. The white patch on the east shoulder of the hill near the memorial was the wet roadway, and the realistic snow-like effect was due to the angle at which the rays of the setting sun were striking.

Dirty Milk Bottles

Following upon the revelations at Dundee Public Health Committee last week concerning a dirty milk bottle, the Board of Health are now looking into the matter of what power can be used to prevent the use of dirty milk bottles in the distribution of milk. As stated in last weeks "People's Journal", the large firms in the city take every precaution to insure that their bottles are scrupulously clean. In an interview with Sir Jon Jeffrey, Under Secretary of State for Scotland, Lord Provost Buist stated that the leading milk producers in Dundee had decided that they would not under any consideration acquire bottles from rag sorters.

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Dundee Not Using So Much Water

Dundee's water consumption through meter last quarter showed a reduction of 3,000,000 gallons on the corresponding period last year.

This was revealed at a meeting of the Water Committee of the Town Council this week. The total consumption was 260,000,000 gallons. The receipts amounted to £9066, or £561 over the estimate.

Convener Findlay Lesslie said that they had anticipated a decrease this year and had provided for it in the estimates.