September 1957

The Park is Not Just for Broughty Folk Only

Central Library 1954Many Douglas and Angus folk  are under the impression that nearby Dawson Park is "out of bound" to them. Recently the entrance facing the scheme was closed. Now the only entrances are at the south and west sides of the park from Caenlochan Road, Strathearn Road and Fairfield Road.

The popular belief about the park is that the donor, a Broughty Ferry man, intended it to be used by Broughty folk only, recently the place has been regarded as a "white elephant" as it is rarely used. But Mr Alex Dow, Superintendent explained the situation this week "it is certainly not reserved for one section of the community. The reason the entrance on the north side from Arbroath Road was closed is that there should never have really have been an entrance there. The road is very busy with no speed limit. The entrance was used only for the convenience of workmen on the park but the Ministry of Transport forced us to close it. They would not allow an entrance on a trunk road. It would be extremely dangerous for children crossing Arbroath Road to the park."

The Quiet Meeting

Caird Hall will have a very quiet meeting next Saturday. Around 375 deaf and dumb people from all over Scotland will gather for a day rally lasting from 11am until 11pm. Formal business will take part only in the afternoon. For the rest of the time it will be more or less a social get-together with a dance and a film show as the evening's highlights.

Make New Pals

Friendships which last a lifetime.
Learn something new and worthwhile, subject to all:-
Drill, bible class, gymnastics, band, ambulance, wayfaring, signalling.
Boys age 12 - 18 welcome.
There is a company in your area. Further details from Boys' Brigade House, Long Wynd, Dundee.

Black Heart Demerara Rum

No spirit brand more satisfying goes into any bottle than Black Heart Demerara Rum.
Sandeman and Sons Ltd., Forth Street, Edinburgh.
The sole agents for Scotland.

Porridge and Stout!

Porridge has still many consumers and there are various ways of consuming it. The usual way is to pour cold milk over hot porridge and sup from the cooling outer edge. Another is to have the milk in a bowl and the porridge on a plate and dip each spoonful of porridge into the milk. Milk doesn't always accompany porridge though. I've seen in different places sugar, syrup, honey, treacle and butter used. The oddest accompaniment however was stout in which case it was sup and drink about!
James Gray, Montrose.

Stay Cosy

Paraffin Heaters
Valor 56R - 47/9.
Valor Convector - £6 18/6.
Veritas Blue Heater - 51/-.
Aladdin Pink Paraffin delivered to your home anywhere in the Lochee area.
Write or call:-
G.L. Hutchison, Ironmonger, 118, High Street, Lochee.

No Bidders for Dundee School

There were no takers for the disused South Road School, Lochee which was up for sale by public roup in the City Chamber today.

The school, last used for educational purposes in 1954 was offered at an upset price of £750. Assessed rental is £192 and feu duty £1 11s 7d. The premise with ground attached at 73-73 South Road have a site area of 50 poles and floor space of 4615 square feet and are considered suitable for light industrial development. The original portion of the school was erected in1850 and there were extension's in 1882 and 1907. Latterly it was used as an annexe to St Mary's RC school.

One Man Show in Art Society's Rooms

At the invitation of Dundee Art Society Mr James Reville is showing 36 paintings and a number of drawings in the Society Room, 17, Roseangle, Dundee.
The exhibition will be open by Mr J. MacIntosh Patrick tonight and will be open to the public from Monday September 23 until Saturday October 12, daily except Sundays 2pm-6.30pm

Over 1000 Study at Dundee High School

For the first time ever Dundee High School has more than 1000 pupils on the roll. Mr D.W.  Erskine, Rector, told the board yesterday that the roll stood at 1007. This was not because they were expanding but because they were attracting more suitable people to the senior school. Entrance was still by examination and there were many more applicants than places.

More "Specs" Supplied

The Eastern Joint Ophthalmic Services Committee in Dundee yesterday was told that in the quarter ended 30th June 10,782 sight tests were given in Dundee, Angus and Perth & Kinross. The figure in the same period last year was 10,793.

Glasses supplied numbered 10,612 and the number of persons supplied was 9453. Both these figures went up by 12%. The gross cost was £30, 583 of which £11,820 was paid by applicants.