September 1936

Tay Road Bridge Census

GreenmarketThe Tay Road Bridge census is to close at the beginning of the week, and motorists who have omitted to return their cards should do so by Monday without fail.

The city chamberlain (Mr William Aiken) told a reporter yesterday that he was gratified with the response so far, but there had been a few laggards.

“It is intended to close the list at the beginning of the week,” he added “so that the work of collating and tabulating the answers may be proceeded with and all the information tabled before the Ministry of Transport at the earliest moment”.

A special staff will deal with the task of tabulation, which is expected to take at least a week.

Motorist who by any chance have not received cards inviting them to take part in the census may have these on application to the city chamberlain.

Flying Scotsman Held Up

The Flying Scotsman, on its run from Aberdeen to London on Thursday night, was held up at the Stannergate, following a report that stones were lying on the line. The train, drawn by the new streamlined locomotive, Thane of Fife, left Aberdeen at 5.45 and was due at Dundee at 7.33. It was seven minutes behind schedule.

The driver of an engine on the down line had felt his train running into the stones, and had reported the matter to the signalling staff.

As a result the Flying Scotsman was stopped at the Stannergate cabin and warned of the possibility of stones on the line. None were encountered and when afterwards the line from Camperdown No. 2 gates to Stannergate was searched now trace could be found of any obstruction.

The harbour police were call in, but they could find no solution.

Land O’ Cakes

The Stopping Place for All Bus Passengers
8, Crichton St
The “Land O’Cakes” Shop
Take home a tin of
Cheese Rolled Oat Bannocks
You’ll like them. 1/- per tin.

Gala Opening

The Vogue
Strathmartine Road, Dundee
Luxury Cinema
Monday 21st September at 6.30 p.m., by Lady Provost Phin
Splendid programme included
Shirley Temple in “The Little Rebel” (U)
Continuous each evening from 6.30 p.m., Saturday from 2.30 p.m.
Free car park. Deaf aid equipment.
Prices 4d, 6d, 9d and 1s. Children 3d, 4d, 6d and 9d.

Crazy Weather

Residents in certain district of Dundee experienced a heavy fall of rain on Monday evening, while other parts of the city remained dry. Shortly after seven o’clock the rain poured at Downfield in the north end of the city, in parts of Lochee and in Blackness district. The downpour lasted for about ten minutes. In the centre of the city and in Broughty Ferry, and other districts there was no rain.

Pensions for Blind at Forty

Pensions for blind people at the age of 40 is proposed by the Minister of Health, Sir Kingsley Wood. The present pensionable age for the blind is 50.

The Minister also proposes to make domiciliary provision for blind under the Blind Persons Act and away from Poor Law relief.

From enquiries made in Dundee, it appears that few blind persons will be materially affected by the proposed new scheme, except for provision of domiciliary assistance. In Dundee blind persons not able to do any work are in receipt of assistance through the Public Health Committee.

The number of blind people actually affected in the city is difficult to estimated, as they are looked after by three distinct bodies – the Mission to the Outdoor Blind, the Dundee Royal Institute for the Blind, and the Public Health Committee.

A large proportion of blind persons in the city are employed by the institution and they would not come under the pension scheme as long as they continued to work. So they are automatically ruled out.

The blind who are not in employment get an allowance in excess of the pension, so that the only difference the new proposal makes to them is that instead of the whole of their allowance being paid to them by the Public Health Committee until they attain the age of 50, the Government will contribute 10s towards their maintenance at the age of 40.

The main effect of the new proposal, therefore, is that the local rates will benefit materially, which is something unusual in Government schemes.

Clearance of Organs

From £5 19s 6d
8s monthly, 14 days trial.
Write for free Illustrated Booklet No.50.
B.G. Forbes
73-77 Victoria Road, Dundee.

Record Drawings at the Baths

Dundee Central Baths have this season enjoyed a “boom” period unprecedented in their history, and a record has been established as regards both the drawings and the number of persons to pass through the turnstiles.

So far the drawings show an increase of £205 compared with the corresponding period last season, and this represents an increase of over 11,000 in the number of persons to gain admission.

The peak of the season was during the heat wave at the end of last month, when on one day 10,000 bathers were admitted.

Anticipations that the adverse weather conditions of July and part of August would result in falling off in the popularity of the baths, proved to be unfounded. The record attendance’s are considered to be due to almost entirely to the new plant installed at the baths.

Coopers’ Great Stocktaking Sale

Of Second Hand Furniture
At “The Tabernacle,”
Ireland’s Lane
(Back of High School, opposite Euclid Crescent).
Genuine bargains.

Broughty Anglers

A new angling craze has broken out at Broughty Ferry just now. The pier is the happy hunting ground for those new found Waltons, and as many as a dozen can be seen there of an afternoon baiting their hooks or pulling in their improvised lines. Interest is added to the sport by the varied catches obtained. Small specimens of gurnet are the most common victims, but occasionally an eel winds itself round the line, resulting in fully 10 minutes effort before the hooks are cleared. The anglers’ enjoyment is shared by the spectators, who crowd round eager to see what the next catch will be.