September 1911

Flower Show Success

The luck of the Dundee Horticultural Society changed on Saturday. Indifferent weather conditions on the first two days of the show were followed by a period of brilliant sunshine, and the fete closed under most happy and successful auspices. It was estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators visited Magdalen Green on Saturday and consequently the somewhat serious loss resulting from last years exhibition will be considerably reduced, if not entirely wiped out.

In the afternoon a good display of tent pegging, team driving &c was given by a detachment of non-coms, and men of the 39th Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery. The turnstiles clicked merrily all afternoon and by evening most of the side shows were driving a great trade, in some cases queues forming up and patiently waiting their turn.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

Next week
Regardless of Expense.
London’s Greatest Attraction,
The Imperial
Russian Dancers
From the Covent Garden Opera House, London.
Secure your seats at once. No advance in prices.
Booking at the theatre daily 11 to 4. Tel 1930.

Nurses Wanted by War Office

Some time ago the War Office wrote to the Directors of Dundee Royal Infirmary asking for the use of trained nurses in the case of war. At the same time the local company of the Army Medical Corps wrote inquiring whether any nurses in the Royal Infirmary would give instruction to the members of the company in the art of first aid. The Infirmary Directors were obliged to refuse both requests.

At the quarterly meeting of the Governor’s of the Infirmary yesterday, Mr T.H. Smith, who presided, explained that nurses in the institution, as a rule, left it when they completed their course of training, after which the Directors were not in touch with them. Regarding the proposed ambulance instruction for the local company of the Army Services Corps, the Directors had to point out that the time of the nurses was occupied in the work of the Infirmary.

The Duncan Shoe House

Oddment Days – During the clean-up after the sale, we will offer oddment lots at merely nominal prices, selling only from windows and bargains tables.

Boot Factors, 21, Murraygate, Dundee.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Monday October 2d,
Special Holiday Attraction
For six nights and two matinees
Monday and Saturday at 2.15.
Mr Robert MacDonald’s Co in
The Celebrated Musical Comedy
“The Dairymaids”
Box office now open.

Crisp Apple Fritters

Two eggs, beaten separately, one teaspoon of sweet milk, two cupfuls of flour, a good pinch of salt. Beat the yolks well, then add the milk and flour gradually, them salt and the beaten egg whites. Have the batter rather thick. Pare apple and cut into quarters, slice them very thin. Stir apples into batter. Cook in spoonfuls in very hot fat, drain and sprinkle with castor sugar, and serve very hot.

School Children’s Swimming Gala

Central Baths
Friday, 11th, Sept, at 7 p.m.
Boys and Girls Team Championship Events
Tickets maybe had at the Schools, the Central Baths, Messrs Fleming Bros, Cowgate or at D.Fleming, 128, High St, Lochee.

Actress Arrested in the City

A stylishly dressed woman named Jessie Mabel Lonnen, alias Madame Maria Delrose or Rowe, an actress, appeared at the police court on Monday in connection with a charge of alleged theft of £56 4s 6d. She has been “wanted” for a year in connection with the disappearance of this money. It is alleged that the money was stolen from Mr Hendry William Mortimer on September 9, 1910. Lonnen was arrested by Dundee detective at a house in Castle Street on Sunday morning. At the Police Court on Monday morning, on the motion of Deputy Chief Constable Davidson, she was remanded in order that the Portsmouth authorities might deal with the case. A Portsmouth officer afterwards arrived in the city to take Lonnen south.

The Noisy Gun

At the monthly meeting of the Trades’ Friendly Societies Benevolent Association held in Dudhope Castle on Thursday night, one of the delegates who is on the Board of Directors of the Dundee Royal Infirmary referred to the matter of firing the time gun, and the annoyance which it causes to patients in the Infirmary. After a discussion, it was agreed to bring the matter before the various trades and societies and at the same time to suggest that the Unicorn would be a suitable place for the firing of the gun.


Mr Jas A. Murphy has resumed teaching at 23, Panmure Street, Dundee, also at Monifieth. Private and in class. Terms on application, or at Paterson’s Musicsellers.