November 1904

Gentlemen's Agreement

City SquareTwo Dundee business men have formed what is perhaps one of the most unique compacts on record. Both are heavy smokers and each has made a resolve to conquer a habit which is conducive neither to health nor economy. The desire being mutual they decided upon a plan to ensure their abstinence from the seductive weed, during the next 12 months, on pain of a heavy penalty.Their combined cigarette bills weekly amounted to 7s 6d. That sum will be deposited in the bank on joint account for one year. Failure of either party to fulfil the agreement will involve payment of the whole sum to the other, provided that he remains faithful to his cause, and in the event of both succumbing the accumulated weekly instalments will be handed over to the Royal Infirmary.

The agreement was stamped and signed by witnesses as well as by the principals, so that it constitutes a bona fide contract.

Lost Or Found - Fountain Pen (Swan)

Lost between Princes Street and the Cowgate on Monday afternoon.
Small reward. 4, Tay Square, Dundee.

Annual Concert

Broughty Ferry and District Coachmen and Grooms annual concert and assembly meeting, tonight (Saturday) at 8 pm in British Workman, to elect committee. Full attendance requested.

Sunbeams Christmas Competition

Boys and Girls, I am delighted to announce a Christmas Competition the prize of which will be a Painting Box Of Watercolours. All you are required to do is draw a picture of Father Christmas and send it into the People's Journal. This competition is open to all readers of the The People's Journal aged 18 years and under.

Help Wanted

Cook wanted, capable of taking charge for luncheon and Tea Rooms. Apply by letter enclosing a copy of references to:- Nicoll & Smibert Ltd, 4 Nethergate, Dundee

Champion Chess Veteran Visits Dundee

Mr J.H. Blackburne, the veteran champion of the chess world on Thursday arrived in Dundee on a three day visit to Dundee Chess Club.

In the afternoon he met a number of the local cracks and had to concede games to Messrs W.N Walker, R.E. Corrie and A.S. Anderson. In the evening however, the champion was in brilliant form and scored wins all round.

During the day he played 20 games altogether, 16 of which he won and 3 he lost, the other 1 game was a draw.

It is Mr Blackburne's intention to give one or two lectures of the subject before he leaves town.

Brown & Polson's Onion Sauce

This favourite winter sauce is very good for the blood owing to the surplus in the onion, especially if prepared with Brown & Polson's 'palent' cornflour for thickening.

Scotch Songs & Music - Columbia X.P Gold Records

Scotch songs and Scotch music - ask your local dealer to let you hear the latest selection in Columbia Disc or Cylinder Records
Or call 50, Union Street, Dundee

Notes On Football

While their rivals were both dropping points, Rangers were engaged in a most strenuous contest against Dundee. As a rule panic-stricken changes don't work well but Chaplin and McKenzie gave a capital display, Boyle and Jeffray surpassed themselves and all that was required was a centre forward who could shoot, even moderately to secure a glorious victory.

Come Dancing!

Dancing tonight, city assembly rooms, Mr Anderson, Leading assembly. Popular programme.