October 1953

A Royal Day for the Workmen

Boys Playine"Its been lovely. I'll see you all again next year".

So said the Queen Mother after her annual tour of Lord Roberts' workshops, Dundee on Tuesday.And the men chorused "bring Princess Margaret with you".

The Queen Mother laughed and said "I'll remember".

Her majesty's visit calls for no spit and polish from the men of Lord Roberts'. It's a homely tour, which their Royal guest always turns into a series of friendly chats about their work and welfare.

Although the visit was arranged only by telephone on Tuesday morning, the news had spread and a crowd of over 2,000 gathered outside the building in Meadowside shortly after 2 o'clock.

The Tearoom

The Coronation Restaurant, 46 Court Street, Dundee
After the match at Dens and Tannadice Parks, enjoy your tea at the above tearoom. Five minutes walk from the parks. Small parties catered for. Phone 84516.

West Kirkton Tenant's Association

Members of West Kirkton Tenant's Association, meeting in the Scout Hall, Downfield on Wednesday night, were plunged into darkness halfway through the proceedings. A group of mischievious youngsters had sneaked into the hall and turned off all the lights at the mains.

There was a burst of handclapping when the newly elected chairman, Mr P.A. Golden, struck a match and carried on with the business on hand till someone found the switch.

Kirkton to Get a New School

Expenditure totalling £69,920 for a new primary school at Kirkton was approved by the Educational Committee. To be known as Gillburn Primary School. It will be built as an extension to the present Gillburn Infants School.

It will have seven classrooms, a tutorial room, a general purposes room, and a hall. The cost includes furnishings (£2,250) and roads and playgrounds (£6,470). It will accommodate about 400 pupils.

Potato Harvest

The potato harvest, which has been employing 3,500 Dundee school children over 13, this week, is producing one or two problems.

There is a shortage of milk boys. Many youngsters who normally follow this early morning employment are away tattie lifting.

Treacle Toffee
Take 1lb treacle, 1lb sugar, ½lb butter. Put butter in pan with a few drops of water, add sugar then treacle, stirring gently until dissolved. Boil for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

Pour into a well-buttered tin and mark into squares before it cools. Wrap each piece in waxed paper.

Cheap Day Tickets

The Transport Commission have granted cheap day tickets to Edinburgh for people travelling by rail from Tayport, Newport and Wormit.

The scheme which comes into force today will operate on Wednesday and Saturdays only. The scheme will cover the following trains:-

    * From Tayport - 9.30 am
    * From East Newport - 9.28 am
      From West Newport - 9.24 am From Wormit - 9.19 am

Travellers will return from Edinburgh on the 6.45 pm train only.

The Brothel

After a trial lasting over six hours, Mr D (49), Boarding-house Manager, High Street, Dundee was found guilty at the Police court on Wednesday of keeping and managing a brothel at that address.

The offence occurred between June 1st and August 3rd.

Baillie William Hughes imposed the maximum sentence of three months imprisonment.


Would you like to wash 33 football jerseys, 33 pairs of shorts and 66 socks a week? You wouldn't?

Mrs John Wright, 41 Iona Street doesn't seem to mind.

She does the National Cash Registers three football teams' washing every week during the season.

This on top of the normal family wash for five.

It takes her a day to do, and more space for hanging out than the pre-fab garden affords. Drying periods have to be staggered.

But the bright splash of colour at the back of No 41 makes a brave show and that almost compensates for the battle of the soapsuds every week.

And it is a battle "I can tell what sort of weather they had" says Mrs Wright "just by the quantity and quality of the mud!"

Holiday Skating Sessions

Dundee Ice Rink, Kingsway West, Dundee
Monday October 5th
2.30 pm - 5 pm, 2s (children 1s)
7.30 pm - 10.15 pm, 2s.