October 1903

Strike in Dundee Mill

MurraygateOn Monday a section of the spinners employed in South Anchor Works, Dundee (Messrs. D. McMaster & Co.) came out on strike. The number of the malcontents was sufficient to disorganise operations in all departments, and the firm being desirous of effecting extensive repairs, stopped the machinery and closed down the whole establishment. Some 400 hands are affected.

Old-Eyes or Young Eyes

Correctly-fitting glasses have much to do with the strength and preservation of the sight. Our spectacles and eye glasses are exactly suited to the eyes and will relieve all headaches and nervous trouble caused by eye strain.

Lennie and Thomson

Opthalmic Opticians
47 High Street

Downfield United Free Church

11.15 am and 6 pm - The Rev J.A. Gray, M.A., Edinburgh
Seat letting, Wednesday, between 8 pm and 9 pm
Lords supper preparatory service: Friday evening at 8 pm

Rodmure Dress-cutting System

Unequalled for simplicity and elegant shape. Classes day and evening. Dressmakers and teachers trained and recommended to good situations. Head Office, Rodmure Dressmaking Association, Madame Sevine, Manageress.

Baker Shopwoman

Baker shopwoman wanted (Lochee). Must be capable and reliable in every way and have a thorough knowledge of book-keeping. State experience and salary expected. Reference to 577 Journal Office.

Potato Facts

The homely potato would not at first sight appear to be a promising subject of romance but the history of the Northern Star is almost as thrilling as a novel.

We had a note when it occurred of the fact that the extraordinary price of £2,240 a ton had been paid for this potato. That was 2 years ago. Early in the present year they were selling at £500 a ton, and a Lincolnshire firm bought 5 cwt. For £125. Each "eye" of these precious tubers were separately planted on a space of 2 acres 3 roods. Each potato, according to a report has produced 144 times its own weight and as Northern Stars are still selling at £150 a ton the £125 invested by the lucky growers will realise £5,400.

Melrose's Tea

You can look forward to tea time with a feeling of delight. If you know that when you open each new package of tea it will be just what you want.

Thousands of people have shown their confidence in "Melrose Teas" over the years. They know they are getting the best value for their money.

Try a quarter at 2/-
Sold by:
Broughty Ferry - Donald Graham
Dundee - Jas. Adams, 9 Constitution Street
Lochee - David Mitchell, 21 Bank Street
Monifieth - Wm. Dick
Newport - Thos. Roger and Sons

Dundee Grocer in Trouble

Before Baillie Nairn in Dundee Police Court on Tuesday, Mr K, licensed grocer, living in Hawkhill, was convicted on a contravention of his certificate, by having on Saturday 19th September, in his ship in Scouringburn sold or supplied a pint bottle of whisky and two quart bottles of beer to David Farquharson, mill-worker, Larch Street, while he was in a state of intoxication. Baillie Nairn found the case proved and imposed a fine of £2 with £1 14s of expenses; the alternative being fourteen days imprisonment.

Coronation Photographs at Victoria Galleries

The exhibition of the beautiful large series of photographic views illustrative of the incidents of the Coronation and the exalted personages and troops from all parts of the Empire present at that historic ceremony will close about the end of the week. These interesting pictures have been displayed in the Great Victoria Gallery for nearly a month and are due in Bootle Museum by the middle of October. During their exhibition they have been visited by a large number, and the prints have evoked such admiration. This charming display was secured for Dundee by Mr V.C. Baird, Hon. Secretary of the Dundee and East of Scotland Photographic Association.

Working Mens Club

The opening concert of the season was given in St Mary's Hall on Saturday night to a large audience. Mr J Percy Sturrock the organiser of the entertainment was prevented through a business engagement of being present and his place was taken by Canon Hodson who explained the proceeds were devoted to the fund being raised for providing a Newport bed in the Queen Victoria School for the sons of soldiers and sailors.