November 1936

Little Theatre Opening

D.M. BrownsDramatic Society’s Plans. Special to “People’s Journal”

Those who supported Dundee Dramatic Society in their bid to own a Little Theatre are to be rewarded soon. The theatre, transformed from an old warehouse in Victoria Road is to be opened next month.So many people contributed to the fund that the opening, which has been fixed for December 2, will be repeated on the 3rd and 4th in order to issue invitations to all who aided the project.

The theatre, which has been prepared at a cost of slightly over £400, will seat 200 people. A great deal of the work has been carried out by the members themselves, otherwise the cost of the alterations would have been too great for the society to tackle.

The society hopes to give their first public performance in the Little Theatre during Christmas week.

To-day is Poppy Day

Appeal to Public

Arrangements have been completed under the supervision of Mr W.A.R. Allardice, Lord Provost’s secretary, for the annual Poppy Day street collection in Dundee today.

It is hoped that the response of the public will be even more liberal than in past years. Various depots throughout the city will be staffed by volunteers. The collection will be handed to the Clydesdale Bank, where it will be counted by staff, under the supervision of Mr. Wm. Walker, the agent.

The collection will proceed from 8 a.m. until late in the afternoon. Lord Provost and Mrs Phin hope to make a tour of the depots during the day.

Result of Jute Ballot

Although a majority of the jute workers in Dundee have voted in favour of a strike, no immediate strike action is to be taken. Instead an attempt is to be made to open negotiations with the employers with a view to coming to some settlement.

This was the decision arrived at, at a joint meeting of the unions of the jute and flax workers, and tenters on Thursday night. The figures of the ballot were not officially disclosed.

It is understood that a two-thirds majority of those voting is required for immediate strike action. Dundee Jute Mill and Factory Operatives’ Union decided against a strike. Eighty per cent of the members voted. The ballot resulted in a 7 to 1 vote against taking strike action.

An official stated that, in view of the fact that this union did not hold the key to the situation; the committee has agreed that should any action over which they had no control be taken, members affected by that decision would receive full benefit.

Great Term Sale

Of Scottish Manufactured Cork Linoleums.
Berry Bros
City Arcade Market
Shore Terrace, Dundee

Sausage Hot-Pot

Mrs M. Rae, Aberdeenshire recommends this way of serving sausages.
Take 1lb pork sausages
½ lb tomatoes
¼ lb lean ham
2 onions
Salt and pepper
½ teacup water
1 cube meat extract

Skin the sausages and roll them in flour, chop up onion finely, and cut ham into small pieces. Butter a large casserole, place onions in foot of dish, then ham then sausages and tomato. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Mix the meat extract with the water and pour over the ingredients in casserole. Cook in a moderate oven for 45 minutes.

At Your Service

For all
Classes of Joinery Repairs
John F. Shaw & Sons
Joiners, Builders and Undertakers
Lowden’s Alley, Dundee
Phone 4820.
Green’s Playhouse

Nethergate, Dundee

Daily from 1 o’clock. Open 12.45 p.m.
Monday 16th Nov, and all week
Madeleine Carroll and George Brent in
“The Case Against Mrs Ames” (A)

Mary Lawson in
“House Broken” (A.)
Coloured cartoon – “Bottles”
Reduced prices up till 4 o’clock.


259, Hilltown
For aromatic thick black at 9d oz.
Also Imperial Two Point Pipes at 2/6 each.
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Broughty Mansion Sold

Airlie Lodge, 23, Reres Road, Broughty Ferry, formerly belonging to Mr. J.L. Carmichael of Arthurstone, Meigle, before he succeeded to Arthurstone of the death of his father, has been purchased for building purpose by Mr Albert Thain, High Street, Dundee.

The grounds extend to about five acres, and building operations will begin shortly. It is proposed to build about 20 houses of the bungalow type on the grounds, and some of these houses will be in Abertay Street, Camphill Road and Reres Road.
Winter Time Tennis

A novel proposal that they should allow winter-time tennis was put before Monifieth Town Council last night. While sympathising with the idea, the Council felt that the income would not cover the expenditure. The application was made by a number of Dundee players for the use of the courts at Riverview Park during the off-season. Play would take place on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, weather permitting.

Provost Ritchie said that their courts were the only ones in the district on which play could take place in the winter.

Bailie Taylor said that if the courts were to be open their own folk should be allowed to use them.

Councillor Ross said – What about the expense?

Councillor Watt, the park convener, said he did not think it was a paying proposition, and the council refused the application.