November 1911

Folk-lore Section for the Museum

An interesting department has just been introduced in the Dundee Museum in the shape of a section devoted to folk-lore.

The objects are placed in one of the cases in the south room of the Museum, Albert Square. They show how superstitions of a very early time have survived. Allusion may be made to a few special examples. There is, for instance, the hyoid bone of a sheep, which is worn by fisherman on the Yorkshire coast as a charm against drowning. Cures for toothache are supplied by the digging feet of a mole and a by a water worn pebble. Cramp was supposed to be averted or cured by carrying a fossil tooth, a nut of the Daldinia Conceuticra, known as “cramp nut” and by digging feet of the mole. Rheumatism was cured by fragment of crude amber, or by an astragalus bone. To ensure luck in fishing the Lancashire fishermen carried a spider shell; while for luck generally it was usual in Wiltshire to wear a perforated copper coin. Flint arrow heads, boiled in water, which was given to the cows to drink, was sovereign cure for “grup”, while a holed stone – usually a pre-historic whorl – tied to the horn of a cow prevented the pixies from stealing the milk. There are two familiar specimens of brass work frequently seen on horse harness, though few know their significance. These are the “lunar type” and the “solar-and-heart type”, which are worn by horses to avert the effects of the evil eye.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Managing Director – Mr Robert Arthur.
Mon Nov 20th, for 6 nights and Matinee Saturday,
Messrs Peter Davey and Douglas Gordon’s Company
(By arrangement with Sir George Alexander)
“The Importance of Being Earnest”
The Great St James’ Theatre success.
Box Office (Messrs Paterson). 10 to 5. Tel. 795.

Our Bureau – For Exchanging Ideas

To Preserve Eggs – If you put eggs in water that is near boiling for one minute they will keep fresh for a month. They will keep for six months if steeped for a little while in sweet oil. Mrs R.M.

Pockets for Wear – If pockets in suits of clothes are made of chamois leather they will last twice as long as when made in the ordinary way, more especially when keys have to be carried in them.

Football Tips for To-day


Queen’s Park
Third Lanark
Partick Thistle


Airdrie v Morton
Hearts v Aberdeen.

King’s Theatre and Hippodrome

Twice Nightly
Special and Expensive Engagement of
London’s Premier Comedy Duo,
Jack and Evelyn,
In a Vauderville Quick Lunch,
See Jack as “Napoleon” and “The Insurance Canvasser”.

Arrival of Two Big Steamers

The s.s. Montgomery and the s.s. Glamorganshire, both of the Brocklebank Line, Liverpool, arrived at Dundee Eastern Wharf on Thursday from Calcutta with large consignments of Jute.


Miss Whyte, 138, Hilltown. – Piano, organ, mandolin. 2d quarter commencing, Nov 15th. Pupils taught at own homes if desired.

Harbour Board Elections 1911

Are urged to vote solidly for
A.M. Brown,
The Labour Candidate
Poll in every ward.

Broughty’s New School

At a special meeting of the School Board of Broughty Ferry held on Tuesday – Dr J.F. Sturrock in the chair:- it was intimated that the Education Department had finally approved plans for the new school at Whinny Brae, and steps will forthwith be taken to secure an early start to the work of erection.

In regard to the extent of the site and the ground covered by the successful plan, Mr G.B. Watt, Banker, has all along taken up a hostile attitude, and it is understood that he intends pushing his objection to the length of resignation of his seat at the Board.

Did You Know

That in…”My Weekly”, now on sale there is a splendid shamrock crochet design suitable for bedspreads, teacloths, &c. An insertion to match will be given next week. Tempting recipes for the winter also feature of this week’s issue.

No housewife should miss it!