November 1934

Unemployed Men as Polling Clerks

Eastern CemeteryPresiding Officers, polling clerks and enumerators for Dundee municipal elections on Tuesday were sworn in by the town clerk (Mr W.H.Blyth Martin) in Marryat Hall yesterday afternoon.

The polling clerks, of whom there will be 117, are all taken from a list of unemployed supplied by the Employment Exchange. Several people selected sent work that they had got work, and their places were filled by others on the list of unemployed.

The results of the elections will be shown to the public on a screen in the City Square on Tuesday night.

Memorial Wreaths

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Caird Hall Corporation Organ Recital

James Hinchliffe, City Organist
The Dundee Gaelic Choir
Angus Morrison (Tenor)
Betty K. Lesslie, L.R.A.M, Violinist.
Sunday at 8.
Silver collection on entering the Hall.


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Dundee Municipal Electors' Association

On Tuesday 6th November, the Ratepayers are to have an opportunity of electing men to represent then on the Town Council. Who are these representatives to be? The choice is between Moderates and Socialists - between economy and sound administration on the one hand and extravagance and waste on the other. The issues are great. In their desire to promote the good government of the City M.E.A. respectfully recommends the Electors to vote for the following Moderate Candidates:-

Ward 1 - D.T. Patterson
Ward 2 - R.A. Scrymgeour
Ward 3 - R.K. MacKenzie
Ward 5 - Bonella Third
Ward 6 - George Knowles
Ward 7 - John Phin
Ward 8 - George Aimer
Ward 9 - Wm. M. Ames

No one can predict what the result in any ward will be. Nothing should be taken for granted. The responsibility is on the individual voter. Now one can cast your vote for you. You must do that yourself. Rain or shine, it is your duty to vote on Tuesday.

The Bellman's Budget

Mixed Catches

The seven-foot shark landed at the Fish Dock the other day by the Dundee trawler, Inchkeith is another illustration of the fact that the trawlerman never knows what's coming up next. It is not very long since a giant tunny - too big for the weigh machines - was hauled up in the nets.

Gray's West End Cinema

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