November 1930


GreenmarketHallowe'en with all its traditional accompaniments was observed by Barnhill Social Club at a gathering in St. Margarets Hall. A party of guisers gave a happy opening to the programme and "chappit tatties" and "dookin for apples" followed.
There was a company of between 70 and 80 and the arrangements were in hand of Mr F.H.Bradbury.

75,000 Visit City Exhibition

When "Dundee Owns Exhibition" closed on Saturday night after a seven day run of unqualified success, 75,000 people had passed through the turnstiles at the Caird Hall.

Mr R.J.Larg, Chairman of the exhibition in conversation with a "People's Joural" representative stated that the attendance has exceeded all expectations.

The majority of the stall-holders reported good business done and he was confident that the exhibition had been a considerable advertisement to the city.

There had been visitors from as far afield as Aberdeen and others who travelled from Glasgow to see how things were done and the directors had been asked to promote exhititions in other towns. They preferred however, to reserve their energies for efforts on behalf of their own city and were glad to be able to say that another exhibition incorporating many new attraction would take place in early March next year.

Until a late hour on Saturday the doors were besieged by large crowds. Queues had to be formed outside the hall.

Musical Instruments and Accessories

Bagpipes, drums and all accessories. Absolutely finest value. Gillanders, 34 Cowgate, Dundee.

Date and Walnut Loaf

Instead of cake you might like this on the table occasionally. It is nourishing and nice.
E.S. McIntyre of Edzell has found it a great favourite in her house.

Take ¼ dates. Remove the stones and chop up. Then rub ¼lb of marg into 1lb of flour. Then mix together ¾ teacup of sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder, ¼lb chopped walnuts then add in ½ cup of milk and 1 egg well beaten.
Turn into a greased tin and bake in a moderate oven until firm and brown.

Goalkeeper Transfer

Bob Middleton, Cowdenbeath's International goalkeeper, was transferred to Sunderland on Wednesday. I understand the fee paid is £2000.

Manager Cochrane has been interested in Middleton for some time and the transfer comes as no surprise. Middleton joned Cowdenbeath from Brechin City a few seasons ago, and has proved himself one of our best goalkeepers. His place this week will be taken by Wann, a Dundee amateur in the ranks of St Andrews University.

Pupils' Successes

A long list of outstanding successes on the part of Dundee High School Pupils in Universities and other scholastic spheres was detailed by D.A Anderson in submitting to Dundee Chamber of Commerce on Thursday a report regarding the work of the school in the last year. Undoubtly, as Mr Anderson remarked, the list was not only a credit to the High School and the city but to Scotland.

Sign Up And See Scotland

120 yound men required at once for the famous King's Own Scottish Borderers. Join now and secure a tour of duty in Scotland.

Apply at any Recruiting Office or Territorial Army Drill Hall or the Barracks, Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Buy Your Special Tea From Us

Tea - Special Indian-Ceylon blend, 2s 4d per pound. 7lb parcels, post free 16s, cash with order.
Alex F. Petrie, tea specialist, 63 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry.

A New School

It looks as if after many years something is to be done about building a new school in Bellfield Street. Away back in 1916 arrangements were made for the School Board acquiring the necessary additional ground between Wilkies Land and Bellifield Street for the erection of the new school, and the town council obtained the necessary parliamentary sanction for closing up part of Lowden's Alley and for the formation of a street at the west end of the site to link up Bellefield Street with the remainder of Lowden's Alley.

Lantern Lectures at Y.M.C.A

A Lantern Lecture on "Bird Life" on Tentsmuir was given by Mr Ellis Crapper to a large audience at Dundee Y.M.C.A.
Mr Chas. Robbie occupied the chair and Mr R.W.Joyce propsed votes of thanks to the lecturer, chairman and lanternist.
The first of a series of lantern talks was given on Thursday afternoon at the Bible Class when there was a large turnout. The subject "Youth At Its Best" was illustrated by beautiful lantern pictures by Wm. R.S.Hole.