May 1930

Succumbed to Injuries

Ward RoadA distressing discovery was made on Wednesday in a house at 105 Lorne Street, Lochee, where Annie Mayes or Watt (40) was found with a deep wound in her throat.  A razor was found at her side.  The woman was removed to Dundee Royal Infirmary but she succumbed to her injuries.

Sectional Buildings of Every Description

Garages, poultry - houses, club pavilions, huts, contractors' stores and offices.
Sound and substantial construction.
Keen delivered rates - enquiries invited.
Charles Brand, 6-8 North Lindsay Street, Dundee.

Splendid Prizes for Best Recipes

Monday's dinner in most households usually consists of dishes made up from the left-overs from the day before.  How do you service left-overs?  If you have any specially good recipes send them along.

To the senders of the best original recipes which I receive I shall award:-

First Prize - a handsome teapot and other prizes of:-  toast racks, honey jars, butter dishes, fruit spoons, pickle forks, purses and tea strainers.  Recipes to reach "People's Journal" office by 20th May.

Dundee Schools' Savings

£6,479 invested
Between August and March last the schools savings associations, have saved £6,479 and invested the money in National Savings Certificates.

The following schools have each saved over £200:-

Morgan Academy - £876
Harris Academy - £647
Grove Academy - £642
Stobswell Central School - £493.

Seeking After Knowledge

Locked in Reading Room
Two young seekers after knowledge from Arbroath visited the Ward Road Reading Room, Dundee, on Wednesday night and delved into the files.

So engrossed were they that they descended to the basement to slake their thirst for knowledge, and closing time arrived without their being aware of it.  That same state of blissful ignorance affected the library officials, and the result was that the young Arbroathians were locked in.

Though anxious to seek information, the lads were not prepared to spend the night in its company, and they set about looking for a way out.

They then hied themselves to the central police station and explained the situation, and all was well.  They left for Arbroath without a stain on their characters.

Passed Envelope to Another Man

A fine of £5, with the alternative of 30 days' imprisonment, was imposed in Dundee Police Court yesterday on George Speed (24), labourer, 7a Cochrane Street, who was charged with frequenting or loitering in Barrack Street about 1.50 pm on 1st May for the purpose of betting.

The Fiscal stated that when seen by the policeman he passed an envelope containing betting papers to another man.

Miscellaneous Wants

Mole, fox, otter, rabbit and other skins wanted.  To obtain highest prices by return send your consignment to J. Lipman, London.

Farm Workers

(Single experienced) wanted for Ontario, Canada; situations guaranteed, wages 25s to 30s a week, all found on yearly engagement.  Reduced fare to Toronto, £13 2s 1d.  Apply Ontario Government Office.

Esplanade Nuisance

Large numbers of business men and women walk to and from business places by way of the Esplanade.  During the dry weather the pedestrians suffer from the dust storms raised by vehicular traffic on the Esplanade road.  Sometimes great clouds of wind-driven dust make it dangerous for pedestrians and drivers of vehicles on the road.  Perhaps something can be done, says a frequent contributor, to allay this nuisance.

Spark from Engine Causes Fire

A spark from a railway engine setting fire to a bird's nest under the eaves of the roof is supposed to have been the cause of a fire at dwelling house No 14, Taymouth Place, Broughty Ferry, on Monday night, occupied by Mrs Mudie.  Damage estimated at £60 was caused.  A railway fireman engaged in shunting operations in the goods yard nearby saw the roof of the house burning, and he informed the occupant, who telephoned for the Dundee Fire Brigade.  The Broughty Ferry detachment was quickly on the scene and attacked the outbreak with chemical extinguishers.  They soon had the fire under control.  The damage was confined to the roof.