May 1907

Dundee Beauty Spots

Victoria RoadThe proposal to improve the enclosed ground at Tay Square and to make of it a beauty spot and resting place, engaged the attention of Dundee Parks Committee at a meeting on Wednesday. Representatives from proprietors on the subject were considered. The Committee decided to recommend that it the ground could be left open to the public in terms to be arranged the Corporation would undertake the duty of beautification and maintenance.

Gaiety Theatre

Twice nightly at 7pm and 9pm on Monday 6th May
Chas. Majilton & Company
In their new screamer
"The Scotchman in Paris"
Concluding with the the electro-motoslope matinee today at 2.15pm
Look out for la milo.

Hairdresser Wanted

Must be good at hand shaving and strictly temperate. Good wages to suitable man. Testimonials required.
Apply 68, Main Street, Lochgelly, Fife.

Gambling in Dundee

On Sunday 28th April, Constable Tosh made a raid on a house at 26, West Henderson's Wynd, Dundee occupied by Andrew Curran, Millworker and found 19 young men playing cards for money.

The house was a "butt and ben" and in the room the gambling was going on there were two "schools" of five each, one playing on a chest, while the remaining members of the party, who had either been "rooked" or had no money, looked on. The tenant of the house was also merely a spectator.

Accused was brought before the magistrate in the police court on Thursday, pleaded not guilty and evidence for the prosecution was led at considerable length. Mr Dewar in asking for a conviction said that gambling had been going on in Dundee for a long time - in public parks, streets, in public houses and in secret places but seldom had anyone the boldness to utilise his house for gambling.

The Magistrate found the charge proved and passed a sentence of a fine of £5 with the alternative of one  month's imprisonment.

Correct Your Smile!

Get your teeth corrected by J. High 19, Bain Square (off Wellgate) Dundee.

Twelve O'clock Stoppage in Dundee

For the past twelve months the workers of all trades in Dundee have been carrying on a united campaign for the purpose of securing a universal 12 o'clock stoppage on Saturday's.

The success which attended the movement has been gratifying. At a meeting of the Executive Committee on Wednesday it was reported by the Secretary, Mr John Reid that all the building trades and many of the minor trades had been granted the concession. In one large engineering establishment in the city the 12 o'clock stoppage had been introduced and no reduction had been made in the wages in consequence.

The other engineering firms, however, and the shipbuilding yards still held out and it only remained for them to concede to the wishes of the men in order to make the stoppage universal.

It was stated that in all such establishments in England the noon stoppage prevailed. Negotiations have been opened with the local Shipbuilding and Engineering Federations with a view to their introducing the desired early concession.

Leng's Guide To London

For holiday makers, 96 pages in colour cover - Leng's Guide To London price: 1d.
This is one of the biggest and best penny worths ever issued. The guide is on a new principle and is a marvel of careful planning and orderly arrangement.
No safer and simpler guide to the stranger has been issued and its normal price places it within the reach of all. There are many maps.
Available from any newsagent for one penny.

Lifeboat Saturday

Next Saturday is Lifeboat Saturday - the procession starts from the Esplanade at 3pm. All those willing to assist as collectors kindly send name and address to:-
Chas. H. Brown, Hon. Secretary, 33, Dock Street, Dundee.


Marshall Meek, Sculptor, Balgay Road is showing a choice selection of all classes of monuments.
Estimates given for memorial tablets, Balgay Lodge, Car Terminus.

Serpollet Steam Car

For sale: Serpollet Steam Car - light, side entrance. All perfect. Splendid hill climber. Sacrifice £48. Photo available. Brown, Albert Street, Tayport.