March 1981

Keiller's Factory

WellgateA spokesman for the Nestle Group said the firm was in discussions with a British company about the possible purchase of Keiller's factory in Mains Loan, Dundee. If a buyer can't be found, the 320 workers redundancy.

Jobless Figure

The dundee jobless figure this month is 14,057, an increase of 252 on the February figure.

For Chicken

As a change from oatmeal stuffing, place onion and apple rings inside a chicken.  This keeps the flesh moist and gives the bird a delicious flavour.

Top of the Form

Dundee High School finished last of the three finalists in the Tayside Police "Top of the Form" contest.
Arbroath High School were winners and Perth Academy second.

Sex Shop for Dundee

Dundee's first sex shop, in Strathmartine Road, opened for business on Tuesday.  Three women carrying slogan-bearing placards demonstrated outside the premises.

Big Names Coming to Caird Hall

Leo Sayer kicks off the pop action on April 9th.  Next on the list is the irrepressible Max Boyce on April 18th.

On April 27th punk group Angelic Upstarts are appearing next door at the Marryat Hall.

Stiff Little Fingers are due to appear on May 22nd.

Dundee Musicians Take the Floor

A sound recording team from the BBC were visitors to this week's gathering of Dundee and District Accordion and Fiddle Club in the Royal Hotel.

The club formed a six-strong band to perform some selections:- with Jack Cooper on drums, Tom Clark (lead accordion), Peem Edwards (fiddle), Neil Copeland (second box), John Strachan (bass) and John Gibson (piano).


Debenhams have taken over Draffen's department store in Nethergate and Whitehall Street, and spent last weekend transforming it to their style.  Draffen's was established in 1833 but was recently owned by James Grant & Co.

Plant Garlic
If you are bothered with green fly on your roses, try planting a few cloves of garlic beside the bushes.  These will also provide you with flavour for cooking.

What's On - Cinema

ABC - Caligula, Last Feelings, Last Snows of Spring, The Jazz Singer.
Odeon - Quadrophenia, 9 to 5.


To remove fat from hot roast juices, add a few ice cubes.  The fat quickly forms to the ice and is easily lifed off.