February 1914

Bad Teeth in Dundee

Another addition was made to Dundee’s many public institutions this week, when Sir George Baxter, LL.D., formally opened the new Dental Hospital, which has been fitted up in a house leased for the purpose in Park Place. The institution is intended to provide dental treatment for the poor free or at a nominal charge. It is readily accessible from the centre of the city.

The hospital proper is confined to the ground floor of the building, which is of two flats. It has been fitted up at a cost of £350.

Mr William Rettie presided at the opening ceremony. Dental students, he said, got their medical training at the Dundee College, and there was no reason why they should not get their full dental training also. Meantime they had to go elsewhere to complete their education. If the Dental Hospital was to be a success, as they all hoped it would be, then it ought to become a splendid training school for dental students. They hoped to see a close alliance between the hospital and the College, for the mutual benefit of both.

Sir George Baxter said it was quite likely that in the future the hospital would prove itself a valuable training ground for dental students. The Directors, Sir George proceeded, in a circular, pointed out that while diseases of the eye, throat and ear were skilfully and specially attended to in Dundee, such close attention was not being given to the teeth. Now, not only might immediate pain be avoided and spared, but what was far more important, detrimental and evil effects to the general health of the individual and the consequent lassitude would be avoided. The energy of the system would be maintained, and would make life better, brighter and more useful. The need of that hospital was not only strong; it was clamant.

Mr T Murdoch, in proposing a vote of thanks to Sir George, said in the actual working of the institution it would be necessary for them to depend very largely upon the recommendations of the regular medical profession, and one hoped they would in future, when they went to see a patient, instead of looking so minutely at the tongue, pay a little attention to the teeth. He did not know of any town where bad teeth were so much in evidence as in Dundee, and if they were better attended to there would be less cause for people going to the nearest public-house for something to put them right internally.

Peculiar Situation in Newport

A storm seriously affected attendance at forenoon service in the churches in the city and district.

A peculiar situation was caused at Newport and Wormit, due to the non-sailing of the Tay Ferries steamer. Organists and leading singers were thus prevented from crossing from and to the city, and hurried arrangements had to be made. Recourse was had to the telephone, and by means in some instances exchanges were managed, Newportians took the place of Dundonians in Newport churches, while city organist acted on behalf of Newport confreres in Dundee.

Broughty Ferry

A musical and dramatic entertainment of considerable merit was given on Saturday evening in the West United Free Church Hall. The audience was large and appreciative, and Rev. Frank Cairns presided.

Tayside’s Great Furniture Sale

Friday first, 20th inst.
Secure your presents and
Future wants at this sale.
You will save 15% to 25%.

2-8, Tally Street, Dundee
Open on Saturday s till 8 p.m.

Jewish Wedding in Dundee

Few people in Dundee were aware that on Wednesday was celebrated a most interesting ceremonial invested with some of the ancient rites of and ancient and peculiar people.

The scene was the Synagogue in the Murraygate – a little known building up two flights of stairs – and the occasion the wedding of Miss Teenie Brodie, daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Brodie, and Mr Abraham Harris, son of Mr and Mrs L. Harris.

The actual marriage ceremony includes one or two curious customs. Mr and Mrs Estermann, representing the bridegroom’s parents, offered a glass of wine to the bride and bridegroom, who each took a sip. A glass was broken at the brides feet by the bridegroom, and this was the signal for a shower of greetings and good wishes. “Mazeltov” (Yiddish for “good luck”) was repeated with cordial smiles on both sides.

The Jewish contracting marriage is a lengthy one in which the Jewish husband promises to “honour, cherish and work for, and protect” his wife; while she promises “the fulfilment of all duties incumbent on the Jewish wife”. The ring contrary to English custom is placed on the right hand.

Cold Weather Chit-Chat

If troubled with cold feet use cork soles inside of boots. Remember that the back especially the shoulders should always be well covered, and never lean against with the back anything that is cold. Before going out in the morning gargle the throat with tepid well salted water. When coming out of heated places avoid talking as much as possible and breathe through the nostrils. When a cold in the head is coming on sniff eucalyptus until a good fit of sneezing is the result. This invariably wards off a cold if done at the very first sign. Regular exercise in the open air, wearing clothes that are warm, but not too heavy, will help greatly to keep one proof against colds.

Furniture By Instalments

Would you like to know how easy it is to furnish your home while paying for it out if income? If so, just call at, or drop a post-card to,
The General Furnishing Co.,
3-147, Victoria Road, Dundee.
Phone No. 449.

How Will Dundee Fair at Paisley?

All those who are interested in the doings of the “Dark Blues” should read the Special Critique on the Scottish Cup Tie at Love Street which will appear in Monday’s Dundee Advertiser.

Workers to Be on Short Time

Dullness in the jute trade and over production caused largely by the introduction of additional looms in Calcutta, are having their effect locally, and short time measures are being arranged.

One of the largest factories in Dundee has decided almost immediately to run four days per week, this being a reduction of 15 hours; in a number of the mills frames are being stopped weekly, and in others the week’s is to be suspended at six o’clock on Friday until Monday morning at ten o’clock, a curtailment of eight hours. There is also talk of short time in the Calcutta mills.

Civil Service Vacancies

Do you wish a permanent comfortable and lucrative position in life for your son or daughter? This is what the Civil Service offers to candidates who gain creditable marks in a single examination. On April 1st a competition to fill 235 vacancies on the staff of Government boy clerks will be held in various towns in Scotland, on April 23rd and examination for girl and lady clerks will take place. These are splendid start in life opportunities for boys and girls with a good school education. For full details concerning the examinations you are invited to communicate with the Principal, People’s Correspondence College, 7, Bank Street, Dundee.