March 1930

Howff Tombstones

HowffPainters were busy on Thursday recoating a tombstone in the ancient city burial ground - the Howff.  This was done with the object of protecting it against the crumbling inroads of the weather.  It had received previous attention of this kind, with the result that though it is 97 years since it was erected it is still an excellent state of preservation.

Do You Know That...

Sunday Observance was strictly enjoined upon the inhabitants of Dundee by the Town Council in the 16th century?

One result which followed the Reformation of the Church was the earnestness exhibited on behalf of the faithful performance of moral and religious duties.  To maintain the sanctity of the Sabbath the Council ordained that "Sunday be keepit in the meditation of God's word, and that no merchants, craftsmen, nor hucksters open their buiths nor use any manner of traffic".

It was also stated that no taverns were to be open, and that "breid, wine, nor ale" were not to be sold during the time of the preaching, under penalty of a fine.

It does not appear that working upon the Sunday, before or after service, had been absolutely prohibited, although there is a memorandum in the records of 1562 which points to the duty of the Council in the matter by desiring them "to remember to mak ane act against the workmen that works upon the Sabbath and pains therefore".

No special inactment was made, excepting that whoever "bides fra the preaching" either before noon or after shall for the first, second, and third time be admonished by the minister and Assembly, and in the event of anyone being obstinate they shall pay 20 shillings "to the kirkwark".

If an offender were unable to pay he had to stand four hours in "the choks" - an instrument, otherwise called the branks, which was formed of crossed iron hoops, within which the offender's head and neck were uncomfortably enclosed.  The apparatus, being chained to the church wall, the market cross, or other conspicuous place, he had to perform his penance in public.

Peculiar Mishap

A Downfield tramcar was delayed in unusual circumstances at Commercial Street on Thursday.  A painter, who was in the upstairs portion of the car, had inadvertently upset a pot of white paint.  All would have been well had not the paint begun to trickle through an aperture and down the windows and the side of the car.  A pair of steps had to be procured and the paint wiped off.  After a quarter of an hour the car was able to proceed on its way.

A Notable Victory

The domino team of the Dundee Institute for the Blind achieved a distinct success on Wednesday evening, when they inflicted the first defeat for the season upon the team of the Midmill Welfare Club.  The match, which was played in the recreation club rooms of the institute, resulted:-
Blind Institute - 254
Midmill - 251

After tea, an enjoyable programme of songs and instrumental music was sustained.

Stocktaking Sale

(Sweeping reductions) of "Ideal Home" furniture
Walk in, please -
Walk out, pleased - at
John Young's, 40-42, Victoria Road.


Mrs Lyon, a widow, residing at 69 Wellington Street, was admitted to Dundee Royal Infirmary on Monday with both legs fractured.  While leaning against the railing of the plat two storeys up, she overbalanced and fell into the courtyard.

Rambling Club

The Dundee section of the Holiday Fellowship Rambling Club held a ramble amongst the snow coated moors of the Knapp district on Saturday afternoon.  A party of 15 proceeded by bus to the top of Tullibaccart, then divided into two sections, one walking to Longforgan by road, while the other took the rougher moorland way to Redmyre Loch.  The moorland trampers returned to the main road at Knapp Mill, and walked on to Longforgan.  At Stewart Hall Tearooms the two sections once more united, this time for tea.

Death Sentence Confirmed

Murder of Lochee Man
The death sentence passed on O.W. Harrison, the Anglo-Indian railway employee, for the murder of Mr W.P. Elder, a native of Dundee, has been confirmed. Harrison was convicted by the Court at Jamshedpur of the murder last July of Mr Elder, whose home was at Sinclair Street, Lochee.  Mr Elder was done to death during the night in the Bombay-Calcutta mail train.

Club Organisers Wanted

Shilling weekly club organisers wanted to form Manchester mutual clubs in mills, works, offices & c., high-class clothing, bedding, boots, household goods.  Generous commission.  No outlay.  First order approval.  Write for 96 page illustrated catalogue and full particulars.  Desk 68, MMTA, Plymouth Grove.

When in Doubt

The best way to clean tin, iron, or enamel pots or pans in which food has burned is to fill with cold water, add a tablespoonful or two of washing soda, heat slowly, and allow to boil for 5 or 10 minutes.  The burned-on food can then easily be removed.