June 1930

Pigeon Fanciers' Misfortune

Mather's HotelThe delayed race from Stafford has brought bad luck to Messrs Milne and Whyte, the well-known Dundee pigeon fanciers.

One of their best racers has arrived home showing evidence of gunshot wounds, rendering it useless for the remainder of the season.This bird was one of the most successful homers in the loft.  Last season it won the cup and gold medal for a flight of 400 miles from Bournemouth, and it was a favourite for the Scottish national race in July.

Situations Vacant

Ask us about nominations.  Also cheap fares to all colonies.  James Nicoll & Co., 44 High Street, Dundee.

Choc-Making Demo

Remarkable Rapidity
The process by which the world-famous chocs manufactured by Cadbury Brothers Ltd., are produced is being demonstrated this week in a Dundee shop window.

Two demonstrators from the Bourneville works - a factory set in a garden - are at the shop of Miss Walker, confectioner, 10 Wellgate, and daily show the stages of manufacturing of chocolates by hand.

The most striking thing to the uninitiated, perhaps, is the deft way in which each chocolate is handled by the worker, and yet is never in direct contact with the maker's hands.

Stepped Against Bus

A corporation bus, driven by Bernard Reilly, Byron Street, was travelling along Strathmartine Road on Saturday, when Isabella Botath, aged 7, and residing at 15 Patterson Street, stepped off the footway against the wing of the bus and was knocked down.  The girl was taken to the Royal Infirmary by a passing motorist; and, after injuries to the left leg and the face had been treated, she was allowed home.

Ghost Tram

Residents in the Nethergate and Perth Road have had their slumbers disturbed of recent nights, from shortly before midnight until the wee, 'sma 'oors, by the peregrinations of what one of them, with a pretty wit, calls a "ghost tram".  The offending vehicle is of very ancient type, one of the old single-bogey single-deckers, somewhat similar to those that used to ascend the "Conchy" before the advent of the buses.  People are wondering about the purpose of its journey through the night from end to end of the Nethergate track.

There is really no mystery or ghostliness about it.  The car is fitted with an appliance for grinding the rails, which were relaid on this part of the track a short time ago, and it is forced to perform its function during the night in the absence of other traffic.

Rambling Club

Under ideal conditions for tramping, the Saturday section of the Dundee Holiday Friendship Rambling Club journeyed to Pitcur, their visiting the Picts' House and the ruins of Pitcur Castle.   Leaving the road, the party walked by Gaskill Wood and made the ascent of King's Seat.


Ian Ferguson (18), 5 Springhill, met with a cycling accident on Thursday afternoon.  He was riding a cycle down Princes Street  when in an attempt to evade colliding with a dog, the cycle upset and Ferguson was thrown to the ground, landing on his head.  He was removed to Royal Infirmary and detained, suffering from head injuries.

Thistle Runner Still Unbeaten

In the 2 mile team race at the joint Hearts, Northern and Edinburgh Harriers' sports at Tynecastle on Saturday, Dundee Thistle ran 2nd to Maryhill Harriers with 21 points against the latter's 16.  In the individual championship J. Suttie Smith of Dundee Thistle, won by 40 yards, in 9 minutes 45 seconds.

At The Ladies' & Gents' Wardrobe

All kinds of ladies' and gents' fashionable left-off wearing apparel.  Come and have a look round.  Mrs Rooney, 41 Benvie Road, low door.

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before

Here is the chance poets have been longing for.  The Editor wants some really good humorous poems or songs, and readers are at liberty to choose their own subjects.  You are advised to remember, however, that we want good, natural, amusing verse.  These verses should not exceed 48 lines, and must, of course, be original.

1st prize - £2
2nd prize - £1
3rd prize - 10/-.