July 1934

Giant Flying Boats

Tay BridgeThree giant triple-engine flying-boats which have arrived at the R.A.F. anchorage in the Tay attracted much attention on Tuesday. The machines, which belong to the "Perth" class, dwarfed the five "Southampton" flying-boats which have already put in a weeks training in bombing and other manoeuvres at Tentsmuir. The giants will remain in the Tay for a fortnight or three weeks. They came from Plymouth. They will be the largest visitors during the training session. Two other squadrons have still to come, but it is expected that they will consist of smaller "Southampton" machines.

Cripple Children's Outing

Through the kindness of Mrs Fyfe Jamieson a number of invalid and cripple children from Dundee visited Ruthven House. The children travelled by charabanc and were shown over the grounds and house under the personal guidance of Mrs Jamieson. Tea was served indoors, and later golf, putting and deck quoits were enjoyed. The whole expense of the outing was borne by Mrs Fyfe Jamieson, who has always shown a keen interest in the work of Dundee Invalid and Cripple Children's Association.

Cowie Eager for a Fight

Jim Cowie, the Scottish feather-weight champion, is getting a little tired of inactivity, and if he has his wish he would defend his title tomorrow.

Lacking engagements, the Dundee lad has adopted a wise policy of keeping himself in trim at the booths.

Cowie is willing to meet any man in Scotland, Gilbert Johnstone or Johnny McGrory preferred - provided he gets a suitable offer. He hopes to receive work from Mr Charles Black that his proposed match with Johnstone will be staged in Dundee some time in August.

Police Box System Approved

The Scottish Office have approved of the Dundee police box system, and the erection of the boxes will be preceded with right away.

A letter has been received from the Scottish Office approving of the scheme finally submitted to it for the arrangements in connection with the boxes and the rearrangement of the force following its introduction. The question of the reduction of the force has to be reconsidered before October 1935.

In addition to the boxes, the Scottish Office approval includes the appointment of a policewoman and also women cleaners for the central police department.

Strike Called Off

Work was resumed at Angus Works, Dundee (Jute Industries, Ltd.), on Monday. The strike was called off on Saturday after a meeting between the management and representatives of the workers' union. About 40 spinners, mostly youths, were involved in the dispute, which it is stated, followed the dismissal of a man who refused to oil some machinery. It is understood that the terms of the settlement do not include the reinstatement of the dismissed man.

Leslie's Wool Store Summer Sale

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Art silk knickers, under vests, and princess slips at greatly reduced prices. Leslie's Wool Store, 18 Castle Street, Dundee.

For Glasses of Distinction

Consulting Optician
W.S. Marshall Strachan
161 Hilltown.
Phone 5845.

Lunch in Town?

You'll find Wallace's a few steps down Castle Street, very convenient. The cheery atmosphere, excellent food and popular prices give a friendly welcome.
Special three-course lunch 1/6.
Plain and High Teas Modestly Charged.
David Wallace of pie and bridie fame,
22-24, Castle Street, Dundee.