July 1909

War Vessels in the Tay

LawDundonians are being familiarised with the somewhat erratic movements of His Majesty's ships of war. Yesterday the repair ship Vulcan, which since her arrival in the Tay nearly a week ago has been moored off the Eastern Wharf, hove up anchor, and preceded to Broughty Ferry, anchoring off the Castle. With her went eight submarines, which again lie submerged around the parent craft. The gunboat Hazard left Camperdown Dock in the course of the day for Aberdeen, to take her place amongst the cruisers at present lying in Aberdeen Bay.

The Car of Cars

There are many good cars on the market, most of which excel in some feature, either reliability, but the car which embraces all the points is the Siddeley.

The Siddeley is an all-round first-rate car and one we recommend without bias of any sort. Shall we post you some literature about it?
Thomas Shaw, Dundee Ltd.
32, Reform Street, Dundee

Sand Building Competition

"People's Friend"
Sand Building Competition
Carnoustie Beach
On Wednesday 28th July 1909
Under the auspices of the Provost, Magistrates and Town Council.

For Sale

Baker's mangle for sale, almost new, must be sold. Apply M MacDonald, 13 West Dock Street, Dundee.

Dundee's New Station - An Unfortunate Hitch

At length a start has been made to generate current at the new electric station at Carolina Port. The electrical plant is ready to take on its full load, but owing to certain structural work not being finished only the most pressing claims for power, and that to a limited extent can in the meantime be dealt with.