July 1931

Broughty Beach Thronged

Royal ArchDundonians went down to the sea on Sunday - not in ships but on corporation buses. Summer heat, tempered by a pleasant westerly breeze, made the uppermost thought one of getting away from the city.As usual Broughty Ferry was a magnet, and a seemingly unending stream of buses brought crowds of day trippers until the beach was thronged.

The happy crowds revelled in 13.5 hours of glorious sunshine and a temperature of 68 degrees in the shade made both sea-bathing and sun-bathing a pleasure.

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Marmalade Girdle Cakes

You'll like these girdle cakes with their filling of marmalade. Mr Lowden of Leith contributes this recipe…

2 cupfuls of flour

1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
I egg
1½ cupfuls of milk
2 tablespoons marmalade
2 tablespoons melted butter

Mix and sift all dry ingredients, add the beaten egg and milk, after beating thouroughly, add the melted butter. Drop in large spoonful onto a hot greased girdle. When puffed and full of bubbles turn and cook other side, spread with marmalade, roll up and sprinkle with a little sugar.

Professional Engagements

Wanted:- Violinist, trumpet or clarinet player also vocalist for busking. Apply: Pickup, 1 Malcolm Street, Dundee.

Alyth Highland Show

Wednesday 29th July 1931.
Dancing and piping, foot and cycle racing, sprinting, heavy events, leaping and jumping, whippet race, push ball, country dancing, 5-a-side junior football tournament.
Competitors sending cash befor the 24th July will receive a free admission ticket.
Miss E.Munro, Secretary.

Perth To Dundee Walk

Dundee Hawkhill Harriers will stage their annual 20-mile walk from Perth to Dundee on the 5th September. This event which has so much popularity last year is open to all in the district.

There will be contests for both ladies and gentlemen, the standard times being four hours for the gentlemen and four and a half for the ladies.

G.T Galloway who won this event last September, along with his brother is a probable starter. Several organisations which have sprung up over the last twelve months have been making the most of training. C.R.S.Daly, the Scottish 3-mile crack, will be a notable starter.

The course finishes at Esplanade Dundee. The Hawkhill Harriers are presenting nine prizes for gentlemen and nine prizes for ladies, also a special prize for best performance by a veteran over 45.

Legion Snowball Tea

The wives and lady friends of the members of the Dundee Branch of the British Naval Legion, held a snowball tea in the house of Mr and Mrs Smith, 234 Blackness Road. A most enjoyable evening was spent with music and song. After tea a collection was taken by the hostess and as a result the funds of the branch will benefit to the extent of £1 12s 1½d.

39 Applicants For City Post

There are 39 applications for the post of transport manager to Dundee Corporation. The period for application has now expired. The salary attached to the position has been fixed at £800.

The post was rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr D.P Morrison, the present manager on his appointment to a similar position.

Flower Show Site

Sir - The Dundee Horticultural Society's annual show will be held in about two months time on Magdalen Green. Those who advocate that the green is the correct place to hold this event should visit it just now when it is at its best. If they would make comparision after the show has been held, perhaps they will offer a different opinion, when the question of the site crops up again.
West End.

Stampede In Tramcar

A large and rather fearsome looking insect flew into a tramcar at the corner of Arklay Street, Dundee, yesterday causing consternation among the passengers. Before it was captured it had caused quite a stampede, the buzzing noise it emitted being rather alarming to people ignorant of its character.

The captured insect was shown to an official at the museum and it was learned that it was a giant tailed wasp (Sirea Gigas). The museum authorities already had samples, several of which had been brought to them during previous summers.

It appears that the insect is common among pine trees, the wood of which it attacks.