July 1911

Addition to Museum

Some time ago enthusiastic Aberdeen naturalist (Mr Wm. Dow) visited the museum in Dundee, and noticed particularly that the collection was rather deficient in the matter of British sea shell and crustacea. As he had a very extensive collection of specimens, precisely of the kind that were lacking, he most generously sent his treasures as a free gift to Dundee and these, from their extend and variety, must be of considerable value.

The collection consists of 50 species of stalk-eyed crustacea, representing lobsters, cray-fish, shell crabs, swimming crabs, spider crabs and the great stone crab. Conspicuous amongst them is a fine specimen of craw-fish. The collection of British marine shells is a most valuable addition to the museum. It comprises about 1500 specimens, representing 150 species of varieties.

The New West End Church

Further progress has been made with the scheme for the erection of a new church in the West End of the city for St. John’s (Cross) congregation.

The Town Council Committee met on Monday and had submitted to them amended plans, of which they approved. The city architect reported negotiations for a site in Blackness Avenue, near Blackness Library and opposite Lytton Street, and these were considered satisfactory. Offers are being taken for the new building and when these have been received, and if they prove financially satisfactory, a start will likely be made with its erection.

The understanding is that the contribution from the Town Council towards the cost will be of £4000 and that they provide the site. Of course the old building and site in Tay Street will revert to the Town Council.

St Johnstone Sign Ex-Dundee Player

St Johnstone are busy team-building. They have signed Stewart, and ex-Stobswell junior, who has seen service in Dundee and Clyde. The Saints’ Directors consider they have done a good stroke of business in securing the signature of Stewart, who is equally good at left half-back or left wing. The St Johnstone management have also fixed up with McPherson, the clever centre-half of Perth St Leonards.

Draffen’s Summer Sale

Begins on Tuesday 11th July
Draffen & Jarvie Limited, Dundee.
For All Athletes

The best handbook for all intending
Competitors in Highland Games, &c.,
Is Scottish Sports And how to excel at them.
Written by and Ex-Champion
Hammer Throwing, Wrestling, Vaulting &c., &c.,
Price 6d only.

Of all newsagents; post 7d, from the “People’s Journal” Office, Dundee.

Whaler’s Good Luck

The venture undertaken last year of farming out the Dundee whaler Balena has been most successful, judging from the dividend which has been paid to the farmers who took up 150 £10 shares. A dividend of no less than 34½ per cent has been realised on last year’s catch, which consisted of five whales, yielding 60 cwts of whalebone and 50 tons of oil.

The Balena, which all along has been a fairly successful ship, was the second best fished of the fleet, the captain of the Morning, Mr Adams, who had an extraordinary run of luck bringing home with him seven whales, yielding about 6½ tons of bone and about 90 tons of oil.

Dundee Annual Holidays

Cheap Trip to London
By the S.S. Perth, sailing of 22d inst., at 11a.m.
Return tickets available for 16 days.
Main cabin, 22s 6d; Second cabin 15s.
James W. Kidd, Manager,
5, Shore Terrace, Dundee.

Errol Races

Wednesday, 26th, July, at 12 On New Race Course, Errol.

Dog Handicaps commence at………………...….12noon.
Foot Racing……………………………………..........…1 p.m.
Dundee Burgh Trotting Handicap…………….. 2.30 p.m.
Carse of Gowrie Open Trotting Handicap….3 p.m.
Errol Fair Day Stakes……………………......………4.15 p.m.
Ley’s Steeplechase…………………………...….....5.15 p.m.
Junior Five-a-side Football Tournament……5.30 p.m.
Entries close last post tonight.

Great Carnival of Shows and Amusements

Admission 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 6d.

Berry Time Again!

Now that the time of fruit is at hand, no housewife should neglect to supply herself with a copy of

Aunt Kate’s
Jams & Jellies Book,
In which there are hundreds of recipes for all kinds of preserves
Not to mention marmalades, salads, &c,.
48 pages.
One penny.

Of all newsagents; post 2d, from the “People’s Journal” Office, Dundee.

New Reference Library – For Students Only

The apartment at present occupied as a Reading-Room and Reference Library in the Albert Hall is to be reconstructed whenever the new premises in Ward Road are opened, and the Albert Hall will be devoted to exclusively to the purposes of a students’ Reference Library. With a view to preparing for this important development several valuable and expensive books have just been added to stock, notably the “definitive” edition of Ruskin’s works in 38 volumes, costing forty guineas. Special interest attaches to this work because of the connection with it of Mr Alexander Wedderburn, K.C., who was one of Ruskin’s executors and belongs to a family long distinguished in the history of Dundee. New editions of the “Encyclopaedia Britannica” and the Catholic Encyclopaedia” have also been acquired for the Reference Library.

At the Central Lending Library 1148 new books of different classes have been added to the stock. In the Reference Library between January and July the volumes added have reached a total of 526. The idea of the Free Library Committee has been rather to purchase such expensive works where one can be well served than to buy smaller books which students may buy for themselves. The stock of books in the Reference Library at present numbers 38,000 volumes, and it is hoped when arrangements are made for accommodation for students, that the reconstructed Albert Hall will become a literary centre of great attractiveness.