August 1986

Fancy a Flume for Dundee?

MurraygateDundee Leisure Centre could be in line for the additionof a star attraction – and one which could bring thousands more people clicking through the turnstiles.

Lately City Council Officers have been looking around at the success of flumes, those giant, thrilling water slides which have become a feature of leisure facilities in many parts of the country.

Drawing on experience at what they have seen at such centres as Richmond (London), Minehead (Somerset) and Bradford (Yorks) officials have been compiling  discussion information on how the flume facility might be brought to Dundee.

If plans are still at a very early stage, impressions this far indicate that the flume could work here. And that it arrival could help promote the leisure centre and boost attendances there.

The city council, finding themselves committed to a large baths’ complex which has, in many ways, already become outdated, have been searching for ways to increase its usage.

Success has accompanied such “extras” as table tennis, sauna and keep-fit areas and the sports injury clinic has also brought sportsmen and women towards the riverside amenity. But it is widely recognised that there’s still much to be done – and that many more people must be tempted to enjoy what ought to be a jewel in Dundee’s waterfront crown.

Tramps Nightclub

Friday – “Starts Here”
Before 11, £1 admission after 11, £2.
Strictly no denims.

Talk of the Town by Tom Kerr

Wrong Appliance
Overheard in one of Dundee’s garden centres:
“Could I see one or two of your zimmer’s please?
“Zimmers? I’m not sure what you mean, sir. We don’t sell walking aids here”.
“Eh? All I want is one of those things for cutting long grass close to a wall or round clothes poles!”

Momentary pause….
“Oh you mean a STRIMMER?
Certainly, sir….

T.A Display

Camperdown Park was “ambushed” by the military when local units of the Territorial Army staged their annual display. As hundreds of visitors made the most of the favourable weather conditions, the eight units from the Dundee area took the chance to show the public just what T.A. life was all about.

Low-Key Birthday for Bridge

The Tay Road Bridge celebrated its 20th birthday this week in low-key fashion. On August 18, 1966, the Queen Mother drove through a ribbon in a limousine to mark the opening of the 1½ mile-long bridge linking Fife and Dundee. This anniversary slipped by largely unnoticed by the 15,000 or so drivers, who on average, Make the crossing every day.


Claymore Carpets

Carpet manufacturers
Pentland Works, 48, Brown Street, Dundee
Telephone 29414
Carpet sale this weekend!

Your Entertainment Guide

Limber up for funk mobility! That’s the advice I’ve been given about the i-D “roadshow” which reaches Dundee this week – Thursday, August 14, to be exact.

The outfit is coming to Fat Sams to see what goes on in the city. The team will apparently have a photo booth where they’ll be snapping and interviewing Dundee’s trendies- if that sounds like you, Fat Sams is the place to be.

As well as local folk entertaining them i-D have some lined up for you too. Two London DJ’s, Vaughn Toulouse and Dave Dorrel, are appearing as well as a double bill of bands- an all-girl soul outfit, The Northern Girls and Curiosity Killed the Cat.

There’s fashion from models from the Wardrobe who’ll be giving a few twirls. Not a bad night, wouldn’t you say? If you fancy making a bid for stardom or just want to be part of the scene tickets, priced £2.50, are available from fashion shops, hairdressers and record shops around town.

Be warned – you must have a ticket to get in!

Tuna and Red Bean Salad

3 oz (75g) pasta shells


5 oz (125ml) carton natural yoghurt
3 tbspns milk
1 destspn lemon juice
1 tbspns tomato ketchup


¼  cucumber
7 oz (175g) tuna chunks
7 oz (175g) kidney beans, drained
1 lettuce

Cook the pasta shells in boiling salted water until just tender. Drain and leave to cool. Mix together the dressing ingredients. Slice cucumber thinly, then cut the slices into strips. To the dressing add the pasta shells, cucumber, flaked tuna and kidney beans and serve on a bed of lettuce.

Summer Sales

VHS Video at its Very Best

Toshiba V6513…….£329.95
Ferguson 3V44…….£349.95
Ferguson 3V45…….£379.95
Hitachi VT63……….£379.95
Hitachi VT64……….£399.95
Hitachi VT120.……..£429.95
ITT 3906...…..……..£349.95
Manantz IVN465…..£399.95
Grundig VS310  …..£399.95

Strathvision, 51, Overgate, Dundee. Tel. 28900.

United’s Failed Bids

Dundee United have failed in two bids to sign players from England. They were both strikers, Mitch A’Dvray from Ipswich and Fulham’s under 21 international Dean Coney. So the Tannadice search will continue for added firing power.