January 1936

Reorganising Scheme Completed

D.M. Brown'sThe well-known Dundee firm of James Keiller & Son, Ltd., confectioner and fruit preservers have completed a scheme of reorganisation which involved the transfer of their London business to Dundee.

In recent months Keiller's have trebled their staff and output. A hundred representative of the house of Keiller from all over the British Isles met together in Dundee for the first time. They viewed the factory, met the management, and afterwards lunched together at the Royal Hotel.

Mr P. Brown, sales manager, presided over the gathering, and he was accompanied by Mr W. J. Simnett, general manager.

Established in 1797, Keiller's have gained an international reputation. With the centralisation of the business the firm will be the better able to meet the demands for their products. A keen interest is being taken in the welfare of employees, and special attention is paid to the social side.

Wintertime Stories

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New Jute Wages Move

A further move in the attempt by Dundee jute workers to secure increased wages was announced at a special meeting of members of Dundee Jute and Flax Workers' Union. The meeting which was largely attended, was held in the Y.M.C.A. hall.

The announcement was made that a conference is to be called tomorrow, in which the respective executives of the Jute and Flax Workers' Union, the Calendar Workers' Union and the Tenters' Union will take part.

The conference will discuss what action, if any should now be taken in view of the breakdown of negotiations with the employers.

The workers' representatives consider that improvement in the jute trade warrants an increase of wages, while it is the opinion of the employers that an increase is not meanwhile justified.

Snow Falls in Dundee

Snow fell heavily in Dundee yesterday afternoon. In the outlying district it lay to a depth of an inch. After the fall the roads were treacherous and traffic was operated under difficulty. Fourteen degrees of frost were registered at Mayfield earlier in the day, but the temperature rose considerably later. In the central streets the snow as rapidly converted to slush.

What Do You Think?

  1. When did the Law become public property, and what did the Town Council pay for it?
  2. Whence did Rankine Street derive its name?
  3. Dundee one had a cholera hospital. Where was it situated?
  4. Which prominent citizen was familiarly known as "the Provost of Lochee"?
  5. For what industry was Dundee at one time noted?
  6. In what engagement did H.M.S. Unicorn take part?
  7. Where did Burns spend a night when he visited Dundee in 1787?
  8. If all the rivets in the Tay Bridge were placed end to end how far would they extend?

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Vic - Monday Dave Appolon and his band, with Stanley Holloway in "In Town Tonight" (U). and "Love Past Thirty" (A). Thurs Will Fyffe in "Rolling Home", also Claudia Dell in "The Woman Who Dared" (A).

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Passengers Left

Dundee trams had a busy time on New Year's Day, too busy in some cases. Between four and five o'clock many people had to stand for considerable periods in the rain as the cars were taxed to their utmost capacity. In the late evening many people were left behind when the "full up" order was given. Some folks who had arrived by train and others who had been working - for some folks do work on New Year's Day - had to walk out to their homes in the Blackness district.

Dundee Lady's Distinction

A well-known Dundee lady has received recognition for her talents from a German university. The young lady is Miss Agnes B. Stiven. For a thesis in German entitled "England's Influence on the German Vocabulary", with subsidiary work in the departments of music and English literature, Miss Stiven has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Marburg.

Starting her education at Dundee High School, where she took the dux medals in German and English, Miss Stiven continued her studies at the University of St Andrews, and there, studying in the Faculty of Arts in 1929-1933, she was awarded five medals and first-class certificates in all her classes.

Graduating M.A. IN June 1933, with first-class honours in German language and literature, Miss Stiven was awarded a research scholarship by the Carnegie Trust, and in October of that year went to Germany.

Apart from her private studies and research, for which she has now gained her doctorate, Miss Stiven has taken an active part in political work and in international debates at Marburg and elsewhere. She intends to continue working in Germany for some time yet.

Here are the Answers to the 'What Do You Think?' Quiz


  1. It was bought in 1878 for £3888.
  2. From Wm. Macbean Rankine of Dudhope, who sold the Law its approaches to the town.
  3. On the site now occupied by the Mathers'
  4. The late Bailie Perrie. For 41 years he was a representative of the ward.
  5. The making of linen thread. The industry ceased in about 1790.
  6. In 1809 against the French at the Basque Roads.
  7. In a flat in Bain Square occupied by Mr David Johnston.
  8. 200 miles.