January 1911

5000 Scots to Emigrate

Fortunes to be made in British Columbia Between 4000 and 5000 Scotsmen are- according to a Canadian report - going out to work on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in British Columbia. At the London headquarters of the Railway Company it was learned that the men will go out in batches during the next few weeks, and their work on the railway will bring them an average pay of 12s per day. The work on the railway in British Columbia will be completed by 1914 and it is probable that the majority of the men will then settle in the districts, which will develop along the line. The official said that the best workers out on the railway were, in order of merit, Scotsmen, Irishmen and Scandinavians. Scots were an easy first and made the best settlers.

Burns Lovers

Will find a splendid selection of the Poet's works in:- People's 1d. Burns Lyrics of Burns Songs of Burns (Words and music) 48 pages One penny each Of all newsagents, or post free 2d.each from John Leng and Co., Ltd., Bank Street, Dundee.

White Sale This Thursday

Begins on Thursday Send for Catalogue A postcard will do White Sale at D.M. Browns "The store that satisfies" On the first day of the sale, business in all departments, excepting in the Luncheon Rooms, will be suspended from 1 to 2 o'clock to make better service possible on that exceptionally busy day with a complete staff during the hours before one and after two. D.M. Brown, The Arcade, Dundee.

How to Dry-Clean Lace

Mrs Stuart, Pitlochry - Give it a dry bath in flour. About a quart of the flour should be put in a bowl or pan, into which the lace should be dipped, then rubbed and squeezed with the hands as if the flour were water. After it has received a good shaking it will look as fresh and charming as ever.

Successful Singer

Miss Evelyn Walker, Dundee has been awarded a Carnegie Scholarship of £5 for further training in singing. Miss Walker was the winner of the medal for singing at the recent sang-schaw held in Dundee. She is Leng gold medallist and a member of Mr Frank Sharp's selected choir.

New Homing Pigeon Club

A new homing pigeon club was formed in the Lamb's Hotel. It was decided to adopt the name of Dundee and District Flying Club, and the officials were elected for the ensuing season. The meeting which enthusiastic and was well attended, substantial donations were given by several members towards the funds.

Dundee F.C. Directors and New Players

Dundee are on the hunt for new players and by the middle of next week it should be definitely know whether their overtures are to be successful. Until to-night, after the English cup-ties have been decided, it is impossible to say what may happen. Backs and forwards are required. Dundee have signed a new centre-forward, James Collie Martin, for their A Team. Martin has been playing well for Brechin City of late and will turn out in the reserve league match against St Mirren at Paisley today.

His Majesty's Theatre

Monday January 16th, at 7.15 Last week of the enormously Successful pantomime "Robinson Crusoe" Special matinee Wednesday first at 2. Saturday 21st at 2.

Hogmanay in Lochee

Hogmanay was observed in Lochee with a measure of heartiness that seldom marks that auspicious occasion. This arose from the existing fine weather, and also from the fact that the previous week had been spent in listless idleness arising from the closing down at Christmas of the large industrial concern. Towards midnight a crowd a crowd, as usual, gathered on the centre of High Street. Their behaviour though lively, was on the whole good-natured. When the hour of twelve struck there were the customary cheers and loud acclamations, after which the streets resounded with first-footers and people, bent on hilarity. The merry-making continued 'til morning was well advanced. Yesterday bore the usual quietness.