January 1931

The Danger

Mains CastleExciting scenes were witnessed at Stobsmuir on Saturday, when the ice gave way at one end of the pond and over 20 people got a soaking.  Among the unfortunates were one or two grown-ups.  However, the ponds there are quite shallow, and although there was no danger of drowning there was a danger of catching a severe cold as a result of the icy plunge.

Dundee's message of Sympathy

Death of Princess Royal - A message of condolence to the King in the death of the Princess Royal was sent by LP Johnston, Dundee, on Monday, as follows:-

On behalf of the Corporation and citizens of Dundee I beg most respectfully to express our sincere sympathy with Your Majesties and the Royal family in the sad bereavement which you have sustained through the demise of the Princess Royal".

The King replied as follows:-  "Kindly convey to the Corporation and citizens of Dundee the grateful thanks of the Queen, myself, and members of the Royal family for their message of sympathy in our sad bereavement through the death of the Princess Royal, my beloved sister - George RI".

City Billiard Exhibitions

Coming attractions by Long Loser
Several billiard attractions are in store for Dundee enthusiasts, notably a visit of Willie Smith.

Smith is to give exhibitions in the King's Billiard Saloon on Monday 19th January.  There will be an afternoon and evening session, and his opponents will be noted local cueists in Alexander Mill and Jimmy Dunn.

It is expected that there will be the usual exhibition of billiards, snooker and trick shots, and admission will be solely by free tickets only obtainable from the King's saloon.

Infectious Disease

There were 406 cases of infectious diseases reported in Dundee during the past month, compared with 402 in November.  Diphtheria cases increased from 48 to 53, and chickenpox from 83 to 140.  On the other hand, whooping cough fell from 60 to 46, scarlet fever from 27 to 20, and acute primary pneumonia from 129 to 101.

Certificates for City Policemen

Life-saving tests
Under the auspices of the Royal Life-Saving Society an examination was held in the Central Baths, Dundee, on Monday night.

Those who gained proficiency certificates were Police Constables James Scott, Alexander Chalmers, David Watt, and James Paton.  Mr William Bruce of the Belmont Club, gained a proficiency certificate and bronze medallion.

Watchmakers and Jewellers

Large selection new clocks, special prices.  Watch and optical repairs a speciality.  Herbert, 105b, Nethergate.

Spratting Fleet

About a dozen vessels of the Dundee spratting fleet were caught in Saturday morning's gale, and had to flee for shelter to the fish dock, and, in some cases, Tayport.  Only in one case was any damage reported - the Dayspring (Captain Wilkinson) losing her rudder, and sustaining a broken boom.

Popular Concert

Popular concert, Foresters' Hall, Friday 6th February.  Trinity Orchestra, Mrs Frederick Gibson, Soprano, Mr J.J. Smith, baritone.
R.J. Larg, admission one shilling.

Simple Remedies for Carpet Stains

If candle grease has fallen on a carpet, scrape it first carefully with a spoon.  Then fold a piece of blotting paper double, lay it over the grease, and iron it lightly with a hot iron, removing the paper as it gets greasy and substituting a fresh piece. Ink marks can be removed with salts or lemon.

City Youth and His Catapult

Breaks Street Lamp
A fine of 7s 6d, or five days' imprisonment, was imposed by Bailie Christie at Dundee Police Court yesterday on Sydney MacDonald (17), brassfounder, 1 Pitfour Street, for recklessly discharging a stone from a catapult in Tullideph Road on 18th December.

Bailie Christie, remarking that accused's action had been a highly dangerouse one, imposed the fine as stated, and ordered forfeiture of the catapult.

Women and Electricity

Mr Hood, of the British Electrical Development Association Inc., delivered an interesting lantern lecture on "The Influence of Electricity on Architecture, Furnishing and Decoration" to members of Dundee Women Citizens' Assocation in the Steepls Clubrooms, Nethergate, on Wednesday night.  The first slide thrown on the screen illustrated the terminal building in Los Angeles, which used as much electricity as the whole city of Glasgow.