February 1980


HilltownThe city's worse snowfall for several years practically paralysed Dundee on Sunday. Many vehicles were stuck in deep drifts and the buses were withdrawn early in the afternoon. More snow fell intermittently during the week but this morning (Friday), heavy rain was washing much of it away, although roads on the outskirts were still under deep slush.

Dundee-based Company in the Hands of a Receiver

The Dundee-based overalls and jeans manufacturers, Hamilton Carhartt Ltd., which has factories at Carolina Port and Baldovie and a shop in Murraygate, has been put in the hands of a receiver and manager. A "chronic cash shortage" has caused this action. The company has some 400 employees in Dundee.

A Funtastic New Comic for Boys and Girls!

Nutty - every Saturday, 10 pence.
Free inside - a packet of space dust, a sweet that foams, fizzes and pops in your mouth.

Fried Tomatoes

Sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar on tomatoes before frying them. For a different flavour, top with minced chives mixed with butter.

For Safety

If you can't drive in a nail without hitting your fingers, hold it between the prongs of an old fork.

A Brush-Off

A Dundee scaffy got quite a shock while clearing snow in Arbroath Road on Monday.

He was brushing it into the centre of the road so that passing traffic would disperse it when a double-decker came too near to him and took the head off his brush!

Speedy Work on Signpost

There was speedy reaction to my observation of last week that there was a lack of signposting on the Kingsway.

In particular, I pointed out that drivers travelling west weren't given any indication where to turn off in order to get on to the fly over for Coupar Angus.

Tayside Region told me an appropriate sign would be put up "within 2 or 3 weeks".

However, I'm pleased to report that the above sign was in position by last weekend and Coupar Angus-bound drivers can no longer complain about going past the slip road.

An Album or Two

Disco Direction Double Dynamite - various artistes
Scottish Country Dances - Alexander MacArthur and his band
Buddy Odor is a Gas - The Buddy Odor Stop
Freedom at Point Zero - Jefferson Starship
Metamatic - John Foxx
The Best of the Average White Band - Average White Band

What's On - Cinema

ABC - Monty Python's Life of Brian / Elvis the Movie
Regal - Escape to Athena / Quadrophenia / End of the World
Vic - The Music Machine / Let's Do It Again

Patrick (3) is the Talk of the Town

He's a wee smasher!" That was the Whitehall Theatre audiences unanimous opinion of 3 year old Patrick Taylor after his performance in Dundee Junior showtime's recent gala event.

One thing's for sure - the Kirkton lad certainly stole the show that night. So much so that he was nearly dragged off the stage because the audience were in hysterics at his actions whole some of the older members of showtime were trying to concentrate on their singing.

When a "Journal" reporter called to ask Patrick about his new-found fame, he was very modest about it all: "it was good fun, I like that Whitehall Place".