February 1909

Mars Boys Help the Unemployed

Mars Training ShipA large squad of boys from the Mars Training Ship provided a most delightful entertainment, extending over two and a half hours, in the Kinnaird Hall on Saturday night for the benefit of the fund for the unemployed. The hall was crowded and the boys displayed marked skill in all they undertook. Selections were well played by the band, physical drill and gymnastic work were creditably performed, while as soloists and as a choir the boys showed the results of careful musical training.

Warehousing of Jute - Harbour Trustees and Rates

The scarcity of warehouse accommodation in Dundee for the storage of jute has led to a considerable increase in the rates. The Harbour Trustees are anxious to benefit in the boom. A Sub-Committee of the Finance Committee met on Thursday and had the subject under consideration. The clerk submitted a report on the subject, showing the rates and arrangements obtained in the various public warehouses in the city, and the Committee after consideration unanimously agreed to recommend that on and after the 1st March the rate for storage of jute on harbour premises would be 4d per ton per week, exclusive of insurances, and that for jute already in the warehouses the rate should be 4d after 15th May. The committee also agreed that the rents for the corrugated iron warehouses at the eastern wharves be increased and that a preference be given to the present tenants on their taking the leases for three years.

Trackless Tramway on the Esplanade

There is a prospect of the trackless tramway making its appearance on the Esplanade. A sub-committee of the Tramway Committee met yesterday to consider the matter and although no definite decision was come to, it was the general opinion that the system should be tried in the city and that an experiment should be made by running cars from High Street along the Esplanade to the top of the Ninewells route. It was remitted to the manager to report as to the cost etc, and the question will be taken up at a meeting next week.

Votes for Women

Public Meeting
Kinnaird Hall
Monday 15th February at 8 p.m.
Mrs Philip Snowden
Mrs Annot Robinson
Chairman:- Dr. Anderson.
Admission 1s, 6d and 3d. Back area free.

Public Notices

Burgh of Dundee
City Rates for the Year 1908-1909
Ratepayers whose CITY RATES are still unpaid are respectfully informed the applications will shortly be Made in the Sheriff Court for a SUMMARY WARRANT for the recovery of all arrears, WITH EXPENSES.

IMMEDIATE PAYMENT should therefore be made at the Collector's Office, No. 95, Commercial Street, Dundee.
Alex. W. Stiven, C.A.., Collector.
Dundee 26th February 1909.

Best in Bonnie Scotland Pictures

Return visit of the celebrated
B.B Pictures
The finest animated pictures produced and the
Best in Bonnie Scotland
To the
Gilfillan Hall
Monday 1st March
Entirely new and up-to-date singing and talking pictures.
Doors open at 7.15, commence at 8.
Matinees, Saturday at 3.
Popular prices:- 1s, 6d and 3d.

Gospel Tea

Sunshine Hall, 151, Hilltown - Gospel tea meeting tonight 7.30 p.m. Special Programme MidMill Deputation. Admission 2d.

Dressmaking and Millinery Classes

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Private class on Monday at 2.30 p.m. Y.M.C.A. Tay Street, Dundee.

Chalmers Church

Sale of Work
To be opened today at 12, by Mrs Longair.
Chairman - Rev. David H. Lawrence, D.D.J
Orchestra, 3 to 5.
Sale closes 5.30 p.m.