February 1931

Are You Aware That...

Ward RoadMcDonald Street was named after Bailie Duncan Macdonald, who was for many years connected with public boards in Dundee?In 1869 he entered the Town Council, and served on it without a break till 1897, a period of 28 years.  He became a member in 1872 of the first School Board, on which he remained until his death in 1908, when he was in his 86th year.

Moncur Crescent was called after Provost Alexander Hay Moncur, who occuped that position from 1880 till 1883?  Born in 1830, he succeeded his father as a jute manufacturer in Victoria Works, Ure Street.  He became a Town Councillor in 1868, and was very popular.  His term of Provostship was completed in 1883, but he did not seek re-election.

Women and Electricity

Mr Hood, of the British Electrical Development Association Inc., delivered an interesting lantern lecture on "The Influence of Electricity on Architecture, Furnishing and Decoration" to members of Dundee Women Citizens' Assocation in the Steepls Clubrooms, Nethergate, on Wednesday night.  The first slide thrown on the screen illustrated the terminal building in Los Angeles, which used as much electricity as the whole city of Glasgow.

Have You Heard That

The first bells of the Old Steeple were installed about the beginning of the 16th century?

Since then, however, the bells have varied in number and size, and on one occasion, following an attack on the town by an English fleet, they were actually carried off to England.

It is probable that the church when first erected had only one bell.  Subsequently others were added and in 1547 when the town council was bombarded by the English, there were five bells.

These bells were shipped off to England when the fleet withdrew after the invaders had set fire to the church.  The church and tower were left in a very dilapidated state, and remained thus for some years.

The Town Council then took the matter in hand, and repairs were made to the tower, and a new bell was purchased and set up.  A second and much, larger bell was installed in 1593.

When the tower was renovated in 1873 six new bells were gifted for the tower by prominent citizens.  One of the old bells was recast and reduced in weight, so that the eight formed a full octave.

The anniversary of the birthday of the late Queen Victoria in 1873 was chosen for the inauguration ceremony, and expert bellringers, were brought from London for the occasion.  A gift of s set of hand chimes further augmented the effect of the peal.

The bells are still rung on Sundays and also on special occasions, such as the birth or marriage of a member of the Royal family.  The funerals of some eminent person or noted citizens have also been the occasion for muffled peals being given on one of the bells.

Gay Appearance
The New Palais presented a gay appearance on Tuesday night on the occasion of the Roineach Mhor F.C. dance, which was largely attended.  A novel touch was introduced by the illuminated letters "RM" on the wall with many multi-coloured lights.  Music was played by Harry Smead and his band.

World Skating Record - More attempts in Dundee
Further attempts on the world's roller skating endurance record of 61 hours 37 minutes are to be made at Hamilton's Roller Skating Rink, Dundee, next week.

At least three skaters are to make the attempt.  They are Messrs Sam Stott, Fred Laverton and Blackburn.  It is probable that two local skaters will also have a try at the record.

Apprentice's Mishap

Suffering from severe head injuries, William Peggie (18), apprentice electrician, 93 Peddie Street, was admitted to the Royal Infirmary on Monday.  He fell a distance of 15 foot through a roof light on to the floor of the Temple Electrical Works machine shop, 37 North Tay Street, occupied by Lowden Brothers & Co. Ltd., electricians.  Peggie was clearing snow from the roof lights of the shop when he slipped and fell against one of the roof lights, falling to the floor.

Incident at Dundee West Station

Considerable alarm was caused when a train from Perth overran the buffers at Dundee West Station.  About 10 ft of the platform was torn up, a telephone box was overturned and an information board damaged, while the passengers had a narrow escape.

Old Steeple Clock

The Old Steeple clock is to be repaired at a cost of £75.  At a meeting of the Works Committee of the Town Council on Monday it was intimated that only two offers for the work had been received - that of Mr J.M. Herbert, Nethergate for £75 and another for £115.  Mr John Phin, the Convener, said that another firm had brought up the old question of having the clock electrified and the dials illuminated.  It would cost an additional £425.  The committee unanimously turned down the more costly scheme, and Mr Herbert was given the contract.

New Song Book for City Schools

Dundee School children are to have a new song-book.  It is proposed to introduce it next session. The total cost is about £60.At a meeting of the Education Committee it was explained that the present song-book had become too "low" for the pupils' voices - a result of training.  The pitch of the songs in the book being used at present was quite suitable for the country children who had not had so much training in singing.

Enterprising Man

The snowstorm had the effect of rousing large numbers of our unemployed - writes a correspondent - to hurry in seach of a job at snow-clearing.  Many men lined up and waited right through the night just on the chance of getting a job.  I heard of two or three enterprising men who climbed over the wall, got spades, and joined the squad of men selected for the snow-clearing work.