February 1906

New Top Covered Dundee Tramcars

Mars Training ShipThe top-covered tramcar will soon be an accomplished fact in Dundee. The design, which is the work of Mr Peter Fisher, the Manager, is very attractive, and has met with the approbation of the town council, as well as of architectural experts. It is expected that before the end of next week a number of the cars with these covers will be seen running on the streets.The reconstructioned car gives an additional seat, making 30 altogether on the top. Of these there are seven at each end quite open and for that reason, of advantage to smokers. There is a sliding door allowing entrances to the enclosed part of the car and here there are seats for sixteen persons. The height of the cover is 6 feet 2 inches inside and on each side there are windows and ventilators. The ventilators can be opened by passengers at will, but in the case of the windows, these are under the control of the conductor, who will open and shut them as occasion demands.

Cinderella Dance

A cinderella dance in connection with the Young Men's Club took place in the Public Hall, Downfield on Wednesday. Over 20 couples were presented and Mrs Eckford and Mrs A.R.Lowe acted as chaperons. Mr D. Robertson was M.C. and Mr Duncan MacPherson supplied the music. A most enjoyable evening was spent.

Horse Breaks Into Bank

The staff at the Bank Of Scotland branch on the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Street had on Saturday an experience which they will not readily forget. The agent, Mr McKenzie and the teller, were engaged shortly after 11 o'clock performing the usual duties which fall to be discharged at the weekend when a runaway horse yoked to a jute-laden lorry crashed through the windows right to the middle of the floor. Both gentlemen ran narrow escapes from serious injury.

Two large glass-plate windows and an internal portion were smashed to pieces, the damage representing about £20 and a quality of copper coins which was being counted when the accident occurred rolled out into the street.

The horse which belongs to Mr David Horsburgh, carting contractor, was unyoked and led of by the bank door. The animal was severely cut. It appeared that the lorry had been waiting at a warehouse in Arbroath Road and that while the driver was slipping on the horse's mouth bag the bridle slipped off causing the animal to bolt.

Grand Evening Concert

Gilfillan Hall, Dundee
Grande Evening Concert and Cinematograph Entertainment
Saturday 16th February 1906
The following talented artists will appear:-
Mr David Thomson (Aberdeen), the famed Comedian; Miss Violet Davidson (Soprano); Miss Ruby Neave, (Contralto); Mr Geo Rennie, (Tenor); Mr J. Meckie Abbot, (Baritone).

Admission 1s and 6d. Doors open at 6.30, concert at 7. Tickets at the door.

Elocution Classes

Elocution - Edith McDairmid's classes, Saturday 12noon and 6pm. Monday 8pm. Private suit pupils. Fee moderate. 16, Murraygate, Dundee.
Washerwoman - wanted for Lochee district. Once a fortnight; must be a good washer. Apply: 304, Advertiser Office.

Famous Annual Fare - Fleming Bros

Real bargain sale now in full swing!!
Credit and valuable stock of gents and ladies ready to wear clothing now offered at astonishingly low prices.
See our six windows.
During this sale a reduction  of 7½ per cent will be allowed on all tailoring orders.
Fleming Bros,
14 to 18, Cowgate, Dundee.
125 to 127, High Street, Dundee.

Great Chieftain O' The Puddin' Race

An Acceptable present for friends abroad - one of Malcolm's..

Real Scotch Haggis
only 8p per lb.

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the puddin' race."

Wholesale and retail,
Malcolm, 214, Perth Road, Dundee.


Northern Musical and Dramatic Society's recital, Wednesday 1st at 7.30pm prompt. at  St. Mary Magdalenes Hall. Admission - 1s 6d.

Organ For Sale

For Sale - Bell's American Organ, 7 stops, mirror top, 12 guineas for £9 at 7s 6d monthly.
Johnston's 130, Nethergate, Dundee.