December 1955

Strange Lights

View of the TayOn Thursday night strange lights, red, yellow and white, were seen in the sky by folk in St Mary's and Craigiebank, Dundee, and in Arboath. We solved the mystery yesterday. The lights were special flares being tried out by planes from Leuchars.

Important Visitor

Mr Attlee is due in Dundee this morning on the 8.32 London train at Tay Bridge station. He has two engagements in the city - a corporation luncheon and a public meeting in the Caird Hall.

New Refreshment Room

A new refreshment room was opened at the main entrance to the West Station on Monday. There are facilities for serving three-course lunches in addition to the usual snacks and refreshments. Early next year a start will be made on the reconstruction of the Tay Bridge Station refreshment room.

Presents Galore

The Odeon Cinema will be packed with children and presents this morning, when the 1,000 members of the children's club bring gifts to the Christmas tree. These gifts will be distributed by manager George Williamson to children in local hospitals and the Dundee Orphanage just before Christmas.

Big Ships to Visit

More than twenty big ships are due at Dundee within the next six weeks. Over and above the seasonal jute fleet are the 8,000 ton Italian steamer Aldebaran D with timber, the Costa Rican tanker Darnel with oil, and the Longon freighter Alcyone Faith with phosphates from Nauru.

Good Work

Dundee's Public Health Department mass radiography mobile unit arrived back from a three-week tour of Motherwell on Wednesday. In three weeks they had examined 8,800 people. On two occasions they examined more people in a day than any unit in the world has ever done before. On one day the Dundee unit examined 1,035 people. A few days later, in 6 hours 35 minutes, they examined 1,412.

Local Voters

Lists of local voters were erected on the railways, of the Howff on Monday. Lochee electors can check their names outside Liff Road School, and Broughty Ferry and Barnhill Wards lists are at 132 Brook Street.

12 Year Old Boy Slapped Policeman's Face

A 12 year old boy admitted four charges of assault and one of breach of the peace at Dundee Juvenile Court last Saturday.

It was stated that, after squirting water from a pistol on washing in a courtyard in Ferguson Street, he assaulted the owner, a woman, and used bad language.

He spat in the face of a man who tried to pull him away, kicked another man on the legs, and slapped a policeman's face after he had been taken to a police box.

"A series of disgraceful assaults", said the Prosecutor. He added that the boy appeared to be "fighting mad".

Bailie Mrs Brougham fined him £3 and warned him another appearance would mean being sent to an approved school.

Real Braw Scottish Records

Just the very thing to liven up festive season parties are two new record releases by accordionists Jimmy Shand and Will Starr.

Jimmy Shand - The Dancing Dustman and Morpeth Rant
Will Starr - Tapwood Polka and Liberton Pipe Band
Robert Wilson - Tang o' the heather

What's on - Cinema

Odeon - Gentleman Marry Brunettes / Tarzan the Ape Man
La Scala - See how they run
Gaumont - Touch and go
Kinnaird - Dark Avenger
Regent - Rancho Notorious / The Crooked Ring
Royal - Santa Fe Passage
Green's Playhouse - Pete Kelly's Blues
Tivoli - Bad for each other
Plaza - Moonfleet
Forest Park - Track of the cat / Captain Lightfoot
Gray's - The Divided Heart
Rialto - You Lucky People
Astoria - We're no angels