December 1911

Labour Upheaval

Weigh HouseA great labour upheaval is in progress in Dundee. Large bodies of transport workers are on strike; the mob is practically ruling the city, and a detachment of soldiers and large drafts of outside police have been called in to preserve a semblance of order. Stirring and sensational hours are being lived by residents in the city on the Tay.The carters and dock labourers, consequent on a refusal of the employers to grant them an increase in wages, ceased work on Saturday in two solid bodies, and immediately “starting time” arrived on Monday morning developments ensued which plainly showed the temper of the strikers.

Carts and lorries were driven by non-strikers were attacked all over the city, and in almost every case the horses were set free and marched back to the stables. Horseless vehicles were to be seen standing in different parts of the town.

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Teetotal Footballers

Ministers v. Magistrates
Temperance for the most part occupied the attention of the members of Dundee U.F. Presbytery on Wednesday, and in the course of debate severe strictures were made on the Magistrates of Dundee, where it was stated the number of licences had now been reduced as was the case in the other centres, and while temperance sentiment had been rising rapidly they had done nothing to give expression to it in Dundee.

Dundee Storm

A strong south-westerly gale was experience at Dundee on Wednesday, and several of the Tay Ferries steamers had difficulty in accomplishing her run to time. Shortly after midday the Tayport sprat boat Solace, owned by Mr Ferrier, went aground on the Middle Bank. Three men were on board at the time and their position seemed precarious. Fortunately they had a small dinghy towing behind, and between three and four in the afternoon the crew put off, reaching the north bank of the river in safety. The stranded craft is believed to be damaged below the water line, so there is every possibility of her becoming a wreck.

Our Bureau for Exchanging Ideas

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Whaler Morning’s Poor Trip

“The worst weather I have ever had in my lifetime”, was the way Captain Ada’s, of the Morning, described his voyage back from the whale fishing.

The steamer arrived in the Tay on Saturday afternoon from Stornoway, where she had been wind-bound for over a week. Her catch was 7 bears, 4 narshals, 6 seals and 4 walruses.

While at Stonoway James McKenzie, one of the best liked of the seamen, was, as previously reported, drowned. Another of the crew failed to join the ship when she left.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

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