August 1984

Snakes Alive

Street SceneErrol bus driver Chris Wright carried one of his oddest passengers this week - and the traveller didn't even pay a fare.

Chris (39), who drives for Stagecoach in Perth, had just parked in Edinburgh after the journey from London when he discovered the stowaway in the luggage compartment - a 3foot-long North American water snake.No one on the bus had any idea how it came to be aboard - none of the passengers admitted to any connection with it. For the moment, the snake is in the custody of Edinburgh Zoo waiting to be claimed.

Stagecoach manager Brian Soutar reckons the snake is their most unusual passenger to date, and says the company may consider adopting their stowaway if it isn't claimed.

No Bids for Dodds

Dundee United have had no approaches for strikes Dave Dodds who wants a transfer. He is training with the part-timers, along with goal-keeper John Gardiner, who is also available for a transfer. Dodds is looking for a new challenge, while Gardiner is fed up with reserve football.

Both were not considered for the present tour of West Germany as Jim McLean didn't see any point in taking players on the trip who wanted to leave Tannadice.

Bright Tips

Hot Feet - Feet hot and tired?
Dissolve a teaspoonful alum in a cupful of hot water. Wash and dry feet then sponge with alum water and allow to dry in, this gives great relief. - Mrs Murray.

Save Fuel - Put butter beans in a vacuum flask of boiling water and leave overnight. Next day they are almost cooked and just need heating up. - Mrs Parker.

Dried Celery - So your family don't like eating the leafy tops of celery sticks? Keep them until you have used the oven and as the temperature cools, dry out the leaves on a baking sheet. Keep them in a screw-jar and use them to flavour soups and stews. - Mrs Trimble.

St Mary's Centre

St Mary's are offering the following activities this year:-
Playgroups; Ceramics; Ladies' Keep-Fit; Dressmaking; Highland Dancing; Youth Clubs; Carpets Bowls; Yoga; Floral Art; Badminton; Conversational Spanish; Disco Dancing; Cake Decorating; Swimming.
Contact - Reception, St. Mary's Centre, St Leonards Road, Dundee. Tel:819667.

Cheap at the Price

Dundee are to receive £165,000 for former skipper Cammy Fraser, who moved under freedom of contract to Rangers. That figure was decided this week by a tribunal sitting at the Scottish League's offices in Glasgow.

Last month a tribunal decided that striker Iain Ferguson was worth £200,000. He also moved from Dens to Ibrox.

Dundee are bound by the tribunal's decision but they must be disappointed with the valuation. Rangers must be delighted to get two quality men for an outlay of only £365,000.

Fountain Disco

60, Brown Street, Dundee
Appearing Live
First tour of Scotland
New Model Army
Wednesday, August 15
Doors open 9.30pm to 2am.
Admission £2.

Fed Up Wi' Yir Auld Flair?

Don't Despair - Visit
The Weavers Shop
Where you'll find a world of value for money and quality in remnants, carpets, rugs and mats.
We really do have a great selection for you and we pride ourselves on our standards of service to the public.
The Weavers Shop (Thomson Shepherd, Seafield Works)
Far too many bargains to list.
Remember- Entrance to shop - Shepherd's Loan.

ABC, Dundee

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