August 1906

A Long Swim

Dundee 1900On Tuesday evening a number of "Ye Ancient Amphibians" among whom was that well known Broughty Ferry swimmer Mr W. Blair, rowed to the Tay Bridge, at which point Mr Blair entered the water intent on swimming home. With powerful stroke the swimmer rapidly covered the distance, the boats following on in his wake. The goal was the east or railway pier, Broughty Ferry, the distance being nearly five miles.A large crowd flocked to the pier head and eagerly awaited the swimmers arrival. Shortly after 7pm, Mr Blair came in sight and touched the pier at exactly 1 hour and 8 minutes after entering the water. Mr Blair has more than once swam from Broughty Ferry to Tayport.


Apprentice Brassfinisher wanted. Apply:- Alexander, 14 Bank Street, Dundee.

A Popular Football Handbook

"The monster pennyworth of facts and figures" on everything pertaining to the winter pastime is on sale again. The publishers, Messrs John Leng and Co Ltd., Dundee have been fortunate in the compilation of this years football handbook, which is bound to maintain the popularity gained by previous issues of the footballers' encyclopedia in its green cover. The cover is striking and attractive and contains a portrait of Alexander Raisbeck, Scotlands Captain. Great attention has been devoted to the fixtures for the coming season and these will be found to be set forth in the most convenient form. Space is left for the owner filling in the results week by week.

Complete lists of Scottish International players are given. The directory of clubs and players will again prove a most interesting and useful feature.

How To Keep Butter Cool

A good method of keeping butter cool where ice is not obtainable is to place it in a dish inside an old, clean flowerpot. The pot should stand in a basin of water and clean damp thrown over it. The ends of the cloth resting in the water keeps it always full of moisture and the butter will be found as firm as if it were presented on ice.

Marine Academy

Marine Engineering Academy, 23 Castle Street, Dundee. Engineers rapidly and successfully prepared for board of trade examinations.

Have Your Umbrella Repaired

Umbrella's - Neatly repaired and re-covered. Shortest notice. Cheapest in town.
Robert J. James, Stationer and Newsagent, 130, Hawkhill, Dundee.

Concert at Fisherman's Pier

The old St. Margaret's Band under the auspices of the municipality gave an excellent concert on Wednesday at Fisherman's Pier.

Broughty Ferry Horticultural Society

The annual exhibition of plants, cut flowers, fruits, vegetables and industrial work will be held in the Volunteer Hall on Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th August 1906.
Friday from 12.30pm to 4pm - 1s.
Saturday from 11am to 10pm - 6d.
J. Kinnear's String band will be in attendance, dancing after 6pm.
W. Christison, Breikenbrae Gardens, Secretary.

Mundie's But Not Monday's

A boy was sent towards the end of the week to a baker named Mundie for a cutting laof.

He received a loaf of some age and not caring for the same for his own share, he looked at the baker and said:-
"It wis Mundie's bread I wanted, but no Monday's baking!.<br>
R. Maxwell, Aberdeen.

Have Your Palm Read

Palmistry - Mrs McGregor, 15, Meadow Street, Dundee. Hours 11am - 9pm.