April 1958

Bus Station "Flits" Next Month

Alexander's bus station which is visited by thousands of travellers every day is to City Square"flit" from Lindsay Street to Trades Lane on 1st May. The Lindsay Street site has been sold to the motor and agricultural engineering firm of George McLean Ltd. It will become a centre for the sale and maintenance of horticultural and farm machinery as well as heavier commercial vehicles.

Although building operations started only recently in Trades Lane, the bus station will definitely come into operation on May 1. The site is hoped to be completed in approximately one years time.

Two Dundee Divers Will Search for Nessie

Tow young Dundee men are to dive to look for the Loch Ness Monster this summer. They plan to dive 200 feet in Loch Ness, where last year a diver said "I wouldn't go down there again - not for a thousand pounds".

Alexander Black (27) and David Dye (18) say:- "Its a challenge" for six months now they 've been spending weekends training in the sea at Arbroath - even diving during snowstorms to become accustomed to the cold. They have also read every scape of monster lore. Alexander's conclusion is "There is definitely something there. Loch Ness goes down 700 feet. There could easily be some giant eel down there"

On April 11th the two-man expedition will set out on an advanced weekend recce, carrying explosives, torches, knives, a 20-ton monkey winch, underwater gun, a rubber dinghy and a portable searchlight. "Eels are more active after dark" says Alexander. Because nearly all reported appearances seem on that area, the divers will set up camp near Castle Urqhart. Alexander and David do all their diving attached to each other by rope. Their deepest dive to date is 96 feet. "We can't go really deep on oxygen" said Alexander "so I 've written to a Canadian diving group for a supply of helium gas.

Alexander an engineer, lives at 246, Glamis Road and David, a joiner, at 29,Glamis Drive.

A Train Load of Talent!

Shunting off on its Scottish tour next week is a British musical crammed with talent - and British talent at that!
"6.5 Special" is the title of this screen version of the popular TV programme. Among the stars appearing are Lonnie Donegan, Dickie Valentine, Russ Hamilton, Johnnie Dankworth, Jim Dale, Petula Clark, Joan Regan, The King Brothers and Don Lang.

At the "controls" are TV regulars Josephine Douglas,Pete Murray and Freddie Mills. Edinburgh's Jackie Dennis was discovered just in time to make an appearance. The main rool in the film goes to a new corner, glamorous Diane Todd who recently christened the "New Deanna Durbin".

The story centre round Dianne's efforts to break into show business via the "6.5 Special" programme. The film is showing at La Scala,  next week.

Record Shop

All the "6.5 Special" star recordings are available at The Record Shop, Lows, Crichton Street, Dundee.

Aberdeen Butteries

Another cut price offer all the family will enjoy. Aberdeen Butteries, Packet of for 9d and 8d. Butteries are made with D.P.M. fresh creamery butter. A treat for tea or breakfast. Cellophane packed.
D.P.M 62, Mains Road, Dundee Phone 85251.

Avoid the Last Minute Rush

Whether travelling with the 6.5 special or any other train....
Avoid the last minute rush..buy your tickets at station fares from:-
Scotts Travel Agency, 231, Hilltown , Dundee.
Seats or sleepers maybe reserved to and from your destination.

Win Two Tickets for the Tommy Steel Show!

The idol of Britain's teenagers, Tommy Steele, appears at the Caird Hall on April 30. But the breezy young man who bounced into show business with a colossal bang has his critics. His brand of singing seems to produce no happy medium, its usually a case of "I like Tommy" or "I don't like Tommy".

We'd like to hear from his Dundee fans and critics. In no more that 50 words we'd like the fans to tell us "Why  I like Tommy Steele" and his critics to tell "Why I don't like Tommy Steele".
Prizes for the top two letters in each group are two tickets each for the best seats at Tommy's Caird Hall Show (who knows, the winning critics may get to like Tommy).
Address to:- "Fans and Critics", "People's Journal, 7, Bank Street, Dundee.


Nearly 10,000 Dundonians made the Easter trek to the Den o' Mains on Sunday. There were about 3000 at Camperdown.

Make Friends with Martell

Meet Mr Brandyman at your local for a long,
refreshing drink with Ginger Ale or Soda.
Make the most of Martell, in a tall glass with as much soda or ginger ale as you like (and ice if preferred). That the long drink you need. Refreshing, stimulating and bubbling over with good cheer.
Make Friends with Martell.