April 1933

Dundee Old Town House Bells

Union StreetDr Leighton, rector of Morgan Academy Dundee, has made a request to the Corporation Works Department for one of the bells from the Old Town House. If his request is granted he intends having the bell placed in the clock tower at Morgan. About half a dozen of these bells, the chimes of which were familiar to generations of Dundonians are at present lying in the works department yard. Convener John Phin will ask the Works Committee tonight to consider Dr Leighton's request and to decide what is to be done with the bells.

Dundee's Warmest Day

Holiday makers from Glasgow and Fife were in luck's way yesterday when Dundee experienced its warmest day of the year. A temperature of 64 degrees was registered, this being one degree higher that that recorded on Tuesday of last week, when March provided its warmest day.

For the beginning of April this is a remarkably high level but the holiday makers who made their way to Dundee were not put to any discomfort. A cooling breeze came in from the Tay and made the weather just fine.

Dundee School to be Closed for Good

Balfour Street School, Dundee is to be closed for good at the end of the present school year. This decision was arrived at yesterday by the Schools Sub-Committee of Dundee Education Committee. About 475 children will be effected by the decision which is in accordance with the Education Committee's policy of closing schools which have become surplus to requirements owing to dwellers in the centre of the city moving with their families to the new housing schemes in the suburbs.

Considerable savings will be effected in staff by this move, which was recommended by Mr John. R. Cameron, director of education. At the beginning of the new session the pupils on the roll will be transferred to Hawkhill School which is about 500 yards away.

The works sub-committee passed about £4000 worth of care and maintenance repairs, which will be carried out at various schools during the summer.

£7700 Road Widening Grant for Dundee

In connection with the widening of Dundee Road at Ashwood and between Ellislea Road and Douglas Terrace, Broughty Ferry, the Dundee town clerk has received intimation from the Ministry of Transport of a grant of 50% of the actual approved expenditure. The grant will amount to over £7700.

Dundee City Square Progress

The rapid progress of work on Dundee's new City Square attracts sightseers like a powerful magnet. Yesterday afternoon a large crowd collected in Crichton Street to watch a pro-longed tussle with a giant steel girder which had just arrived by rail. Weighing 7 tons, the huge beam reached Crichton Street on a huge bogey. Considerable difficulty was met in coaxing the long beam through the southern most arch of the new west wing. The difficulty arose through the angle at which it lay across the street on the bogey.Much preliminary manoeuvring had to be done with the help of three draught horses. Another method was then tried. The beam was propelled farther through the arch by a heavy steam wagon, a wooden beam being used as leverage. Still the angle was not suitable and another course had to be resorted to. Metal plates were placed under the rear wheel and a wire hawser passed round the bogey. Pulling at right angles the steam wagon righted the course of the bean for its entry into the square.

During these operations the crowd of sightseers steadily grew, attracted by the spectacle of a team of horses straining to move the big girder.

Downfield's Golf Course

Downfield golfers are looking forward to the early opening of the new look course on the Camperdown estate. Good progress has been made with the lay-out and apart from the natural beauty of the surroundings the course begins to look particularly inviting. A very attractive clubhouse is also all but complete and when, as is expected, in a matter of about a couple of years the course is extended to the full 18 holes, it may confidently be reckoned to be in the making for one of the finest inland courses in the country.

Spring Millinery

Miss Fraser - Spring millinery, inexpensive, exclusive models. Inspection invited.
5, Mains Road, Dundee.

Shuttle-Maker Required

Shuttle-making foreman wanted; state experience and give all particulars, also where presently employed.
Apply: 106, Journal Office, Dundee.