April 1953

Bell StreetMeet Your Neighbours

Our city is growing. Tenants now occupy the partly built Douglas and Angus Housing Scheme. Already moves have been made for new houses on Balgillo and Invergowrie estates.

But what of the other big schemes that are completed - Magdalene's Kirkton, St Mary's, Mains of Fintry, Dryburgh?

Most of us know these places by name only. We have never met the people. That's why the "People's Journal" wants you to come on a conducted tour of each new town. It's intimate, human and full of interest.

So join us next week on a visit to Magdalene's Kirkton to - meet your neighbours.

Female (first-class) Required

With knowledge of all household duties. Would consider a permanent to live in or a daily. Apply with references and wages expected to:- The People's Journal office.

Library Usage

Mr Alexander Small, Chief Librarian, Dundee, in his report for two years, issued today:

Statistics show in the year ending July 1952, 33,463 more books were issued than in the previous year.

Readers reserved 4,186 books. Among the most popular were:- Boswell's London Journal; "The Naked Island" by Braddon; "The Dam Busters" by Brickhill; Yankee RN by Cherry; Korean Report by Culford.

Reservations for books of the month totalled 3,193.

Over 250,000 books are now available. Books issued from the Central and Junior Departments increased by 4,849 in 1951-52 and there was an increase of 3,913 in Junior readers.

Polishing Brown Shoes

I seldom use shoe polish for brown shoes. I take a banana skin and rub them with the side next to the fruit. This also removes spots or dark marks. I learned about the banana method in 1903. We got banana's at 9d a dozen then, and a fellow home from Jamaica gave us this tip.

Dickson's Holiday Tours

Channel Islands, Devon and Cornwall staying at St Hellier
Inclusive fare (12 days) £39
Blackpool and the English Lakes
Special (3 days) tour
Inclusive fare £5 19s 6d
Full details from our local agents Tel 3007

Exhibitions / Visits

A frigate and a destroyer are to visit Dundee as part of the Coronation celebrations.
The Widemouth Bay - 1600 ton frigate will be in port from May 30th to June 4th.
The Agincourt a 2400 ton destroyer will be in port from July 15 - July 21.

What's On - Cinema

Green's Playhouse, Nethergate, Dundee
All week
Errol Flynn, Henry Hull and George Tobias
"Objective Burma" (A)
Showing at 1.50 pm, 3.35 pm, 6.50 pm and 8.35 pm and supporting programme

What's On - Cinema

Gaumont Dundee, Tel 2804
All next week - 2.45 pm, 6 pm & 9.50 pm
Errol Flynn and Maureen O'Hara
Against All Flags (U) also
Francis Goes to West Point and Francis the Talking Mule (U)
Two Universal International Pictures

Budget Ballad

Cigarettes much cheaper -
A tanner now for ten
Whisky on the market
At a bob a pint, say when!

Beef to be abundant,
With sausages the boys
Income tax abolished
Thus adding to our joys

Prices slashed to suit us,
Purchase tax to go
TV sets are selling
At half a crown or so

Petrol being purchased
At less than pre-war price
Much is being done to make
This land a paradise

Allowances for families
Increased by leaps and bounds
A bonus for the old folks
On sentimental ground

Post war credits doubled
And paid out right away
The cost of living index
Is losing height each day

Great financial changes
That can end the nation's blues
Are shattered rather rudely
When I waken from my snooze.

Loss of Hair: A Proven Remedy

Loss of hair may in your case result from relaxed tissue which chokes the hair follicles and starves the roots.

You, too, can have stronger, thicker and more abundant hair by feeding the hair roots with dehydrocholestral (man aged 89½ reported excellent results). Proof on request. Est 1934. Save your hair, put new life into it with dehydrocholestral.

Send at once for full details, postage 3d, abroad 1/6. Write to:- Central London Co, 37 New Bond Street, London, W1.