April 1937

Roofs Stripped of Lead

A form of theft has become prevalent as a result of the boon in the price of metals. Lead in particular has jumped up in price, and this has led to an epidemic of barefaced robbing of the coverings of tenement roofs.“The epidemic is most prevalent in old properties” a house factor told me. In newer buildings the roofs are lined with zinc, which is not such a marketable metal as lead”

“The older tenements offer a good inducement to people to pilfer, as there is a substantial amount of lead on the roofs, and to strip even one means a lucrative haul. This roof-stripping is an old dodge, but it has become such an extensive practice that owners of property are beginning to be alarmed.”

“It is easily done if you have enough cheek to bluff it out. The average housewife, especially in a tenement, never thinks of inquiring too closely if she sees men mount to the roof and proceed with what she thinks is repairs. If tenants did make it their business to question such men as to their genuineness they would soon stamp out the practice”.

In some cases the thefts had taken place in broad daylight and in most daring fashion. Men have arrived at tenements equipped with ladders, and have got to work in such a way that nobody gave a thought to them. They looked the part they were playing.

I was informed that one factor had five of his properties denuded of lead and others had suffered in proportions.

A good many of the factors, I was informed, are insured against such thefts, which are included in property owners’ liabilities policies. So the insurance companies have to bear the brunt of the thieving epidemic.

Good News for Jute Workers

Unemployed Dundee jute workers will be pleased to learn the Heathfield Works, Hawkhill, is to be reopened next week,

An official of Jute Industries, Ltd, the owners, stated to a “People’s Journal” representative that it was expected to commence work on Tuesday.

It is understood that there will be vacancies for some 200 in the various processes of spinning and weaving.

Heathfield Works was last in operation in January; previous to that it had been closed for some 30 months.

New Hostel for Dundee

A Salvation Army hostel costing £10, 000 is to be built at the junction of St. Andrews Street and the Seagate, Dundee.

The scheme was set in motion yesterday when a site of 24.83 poles of ground belonging to the corporation was sold to Mr W.M. Patrick, architect who was acting on behalf of the Salvation Army. The sale took place at City Chambers, and the ground was sold at the upset annual feu-duty of £93.

Lieut-Col A. Mitchell, financial secretary to the men’s social branch, came from the S.A. London headquarters to attend the sale. “We propose to erect a building capable of housing 150 to 160 men per night at a nominal cost of 1s or less,” he said in an interview.

“We shall provide food at the lowest possible charges. The building will be of four storeys, and it is planned to have each bed in a separate cubicle. We shall be appealing to the public to assist us to a certain extent, for it is expected that the scheme will cost at least £10,000. As soon as we are able to raise a sufficient margin of funds we shall go right ahead with the scheme.”

In addition to the cubicles the new building will include a restaurant and day room.

Ten Year Old Owner of Estate

Camperdown and Lundie estates, on the outskirts of Dundee, have been bequeathed by the Countess of Buckinghamshire, who died a fortnight ago, to her ten year-old grandson, Thomas Ewen Farrar, son of Lady Sidney Farrar and the late Captain Thomas Farrar. Lady Sidney Farrar is the second daughter of the Countess, who succeeded to Camperdown estate in 1918 on the death of her cousin, the third Earl of Camperdown. Captain Farrar, who settled in Kenya Colony after the war died two years ago.

35 Applications

Dundee Corporation has received 35 applications for the post of superintendent of parks and cemeteries in succession to Mr Ales. Macrae, who is retiring. The salary is £350 per annum, rising to £450.

5000 Hoovers

To be lent free for
Spring Cleaning
For full particulars apply to:-
R. Kilpatrick & Co., Ltd.,
5, Albert Square, Dundee
Phone 6193.

Situations Vacant

Royal Navy
Wanted – Fitters, fitters and Turners, Instrument makers and Boiler Smiths
For entry into the Artificer Branches of the Royal Navy.
Ages 19½ to 28 years.

An officer of the Engineering branch of the Royal Navy will be in attendance at the R.N. and R.M. Recruiting Office, 20, Barrack Street, Dundee between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Wednesday 14th April, to give first hand detailed information regarding pay, conditions of service and trade tests to men interested.

Monday’s A Holiday!

Make it a Jolly Day!
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Hercules, Raleigh, Sun,
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What’s On at Dundee Cinemas & Theatres Next Week

Broadway – all week – Martin and Holbein in “Just for Fun”. Elsie Prince, Sir Dani, Donald Reid, Roland and Bert, 3 Benson Sisters, Matt and Billie, Saxon Girls. Book now. Phone 3292.

Kinnaird - Anna Sten and Henry Wilcoxon in “A Woman Alone” (A); Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick in “Murder with Pictures” (A); and full supporting programme.

Playhouse – All week – Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll in “The General Died at Dawn” (A); Gene Aury in “The Singing Cowboy” (u); coloured Silly Symphony, “Alpine Climbers.”

Wonderful Opportunity for Dundee’s Deaf

Right here in Dundee during the next few days you will be given the opportunity, without fee or obligation to test the modern way to better hearing which has set the whole deaf world talking.

At least 100,000 people who were “walled in “by their affliction have been transported from depressing perpetual silence to the whole world of sound by “Ardente”

On the 6th and 7th April you are invited to come and hear for yourself, without fee or obligation, at Mr Dent’s rooms in the Queen’s Hotel, Dundee (Telephone No. 308711).